What AJ Styles proved against John Cena at Money in the Bank 2016?

AJ Styles proved against John Cena
AJ Styles proved against John Cena

AJ Styles vs. John Cena, it was called and promoted as “The Dream Match”. 15 years in the making and a really a match that fans didn’t expect to see in real world. But it happened at Money in the Bank 2016. It was nicely crafted and very technical match between the two. Both performers gave the very best they can offer. In the end, AJ Styles beats John Cena with the outside interference by The Club. But still I will rate AJ Styles the winner of the match and there are a lot of things that Styles proved against John Cena at Money in the Bank.

Let’s discuss what AJ Styles proved against John Cena tonight:


1 – AJ Styles can completely manipulate his opponent

As we saw against Roman Reigns in previous collisions that AJ Styles played him mentally and took advantage of it. Although he lost to Roman but still he exhibited a complete control over him. Similarly, AJ Styles proved against John Cena the same manipulation techniques and did not allowed any control to John Cena.


2 – AJ Styles countered every John Cena move

As soon as the match started AJ Styles was quick enough to counter every attack that Cena tried. Every move of John Cena was countered early by AJ Styles and he was standing laughing at Cena at the end. Every sequence John tried to build up momentum was countered beautifully by AJ. This was a great sight for the fans who always Boo Cena and want the opponent to beat him down, as we saw in John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar counters. Same happened when AJ Styles played with Cena, crows loved it and were cheering every move by AJ Styles.


3 – AJ Styles has the chemistry to make any match look “Dream Match”

A lot of people were thinking that AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns will not be a great match but AJ Styles proved it wrong when he faced Roman Empire twice when he first faced Roman in a singles match at Payback and than a more Hardcore match at Extreme rules against Roman.

That same Chemistry was exhibited by AJ Styles against John Cena. They both looked excellent in ring and had one of the best matches of their careers. Before the match it may not look it a Dream Match to some, but after the match it is certainly a Dream match for me. We may see a second fight between them at Battleground as well.

His chemistry was so great against both Roman and Cena like he had a lot of time spent with them. He is real champion and soon we may see him wearing the belt as well.

4 – AJ Styles is definitely on the way to become WWE World heavy Weight Champion


Since he entered WWE ring, AJ Styles has not given his less on any single match. He has come out every night and given his best. His recent main events against both Cena and Roman Empire were really “Phenomenal”. I think he has certainly become eligible to become WWE World heavy Weight Champion. And we might see it coming soon. He has the experience, game play, stamina, charisma and all skills to become WWE World heavy Weight Champion.


5 – AJ Styles can make the crowd active

Every time AJ Styles is in the ring whether he is fighting with a challenger, addressing WWE Universe or having a blast on his opponents with his friends from The Club. Crowd is actively behind him and always backing his moves. We had seen it in the intense match against Roman and then tonight when Styles faced John Cena as well.


These are the few points I noticed that AJ Styles proved against John Cena at Money in the Bank. We may see a more “Phenomenal” AJ Styles in coming events.

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