Becky Lynch Speaks On The Women’s Division & Being Drafted To SmackDown

Becky Lynch Speaks On The Women's Division

Becky Lynch Speaks On The Women's Division
Becky Lynch Speaks On The Women's Division

Becky Lynch was on the Mattel-WWE panel at the San Diego Comic-Con on Friday. Here is a transcript of what she said about the Women’s Division and being drafted to Smack Down:

“It was an honor to be the first woman drafted to Smackdown. I’m delighted I get to be on it with AJ Styles here. I’m curious what they’re going to do with titles. I have no idea to be honest with you. Obviously that’s the reason we’re here and what we’re fighting for, and I want to be a women’s champion. I don’t know if we’re gonna bring our own title, if I have to go to Raw and attack Charlotte, seeing as everyone’s always attacking me. It’s a big opportunity and I’m excited.

I think sometimes women were depicted as catty, and we all secretly hate each other. I think I’d change that. I think sometimes the storyline is as simple as we’re just going to be the best, and we’re going for the championships, and we all don’t secretly hate each other consistently. I think that’s one thing – I’d like more time. I’d like there to be consistently more women’s storylines going on at the same time. In NXT it wasn’t this big freaking ‘Divas Revolution’ if you want to call it that. It was guerrilla warfare. That was how we got to where we are now. It’s not throwing us in there in a bunch of random tag team matches and being like, ‘here, there’s girls, we’re doing things with them.’ It’s just that we need equal opportunities. We can wrestle like the lads. We can do the things that the lads do, and it doesn’t have to be a big deal. Just let us go do our thing. Don’t make a big deal of it. Have storylines going on, like they have a bunch of lads storylines going on. That’s what I’d like to see different.“

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