Brock Lesnar Is Looking Forward To Returning At UFC 200

Brock Lesnar Is Looking Forward To Returning At UFC 200
Brock Lesnar Is Looking Forward To Returning At UFC 200

Brock Lesnar is looking forward to returning At UFC 200

Brock Lesnar was recently spotlighted in an article by the LA Times which you can read here:

On Thursday, during a UFC 200 Conference call with reporters, Brock responded to a question asking what next if he beats Mark Hunt?

“I haven’t given it much thought, I really haven’t”

WWE described Brock’s UFC appearance as a “one-off” in a statement made about it.

WWE executive Stephanie McMahon told a publication the company isn’t actively promoting Lesnar’s UFC appearance.


“Nothing’s going to change.  I’m looking forward to stepping into the cage again. I’m waiting for that moment for the door to shut.  Ask me after the fight.  I don’t know what’s going to happen. Right now, I’ve got one thing on my mind and that’s to prepare for this fight and get in there and fight.”

Lesnar was asked during the press conference if watching UFC inspired him to return.

“Really no, I [considered it] for awhile, and really I was standing there one day on my property [in Canada] and just thought, ‘It’s time”.

“I can’t sit and think about this and be caught up in this thought process of wanting and wishing and wondering if I should do it.

“I’m a person who pulls the trigger. I don’t want any regrets. That’s how simple it really was. I didn’t want to be sitting around the rest of my days on this earth wondering why I didn’t step back in the cage again, so here we are.”

Lesnar’s MMA career was sidelined due to the  intestinal disorder diverticulitis, so he’s excited to be fighting again now that he’s back to full health.

“I want to get in there and be an athlete again. That’s what this is all about.”

“I’m a competitor and I’ll be a competitor probably in a nursing home, racing my wheelchair around.”

Here is the complete original card for UFC 200 (before Jon Jones was replaced by Anderson Silva due to the doping violation announced this week):


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