Complete UFC 202 Results and Analysis – Conor McGregor wins the Dog fight against Nate Diaz

UFC 202 results and analysis
UFC 202 results and analysis

UFC 202 was one of the highly anticipated and awaited event of the summer. UFC 202 was live on PPV on 20th August 2016 in T-Mobile Arena at Las Vegas, Nevada. The most interesting and the main event of the night was scheduled second time between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz. In their first meeting Nate Diaz made Conor to tap out. So here we are with the complete UFC 202 results and analysis.

Complete UFC 202 Results and Analysis

Let’s start with the preliminaries.

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Marvin Vettori defeated Alberto Uda via Guillotine Submission Choke

Colby Covington defeated Max Griffin via TKO (Punches)

Lorenz Larkin defeated Neil Magny via TKO (Elbows)

Preliminary Card (Fox Sports 1)

Cortney Casey defeated Randa Markos via Armbar Submission

Artem Lobov defeated Chris Avila via Unanimous Decision

Raquel Pennington defeated Elizabeth Phillips via Unanimous Decision

Cody Garbrandt defeated Takeya Mizugaki via TKO (Punches)

UFC 202 Main Card

Tim Means vs. Sabah Homasi

A veteran Tim Means goes for the new commer Sabah Homasi. Tim has finished 21 of his last 25 fights. 17 KO and won last 5 of his 6 fights. So he is in a good condition.

Round # 1 Sabah is trying to go for the clinch game. Homasi had couple of good take downs and Means get up and hits him with a good knee and punches. Homasi is cut by that big bad knee. Tim is hurting Homasi with his elbows and knees. The round goes to Tim.

Round # 2 Hurting goes same for Sabah in this round as well. he is constantly bleeding. Referee stops the fight because he can not defend himself now.

Winner: Tim Means via TKO Punches

Analysis: Tim Means shows he is a veteran and out classed the new comer.

Hyun Gyu Lim vs. Mike Perry

Mike Perry is unbeaten has 100%finish rate and is having UFC debut today. While Hyun has finished 12 of his lat 13 fights.

Round # 1 Hyun is all over the octagon falling down, getting KOed down and finally TKO him via punches. Great win for Mike on his debut.

Winner: Mike Perry via TKO Punches

Donald Cerrone vs. Rick Story

Donald is a veteran and know how to handle his opponent. He is entering the ring with 30-7 record. His last 2 fights have been the Performance of the Night. Rick has a good opportunity to rise on top of charts and also impress the world by beating Cerrone.

Round # 1 This was a good pacy grappling round. Story gets take downs and Cowboy Cerrone has hit few good punches and kicks. A mix round for both of them.

Round # 2 Cerrone starts the round with go combinations and land good punches to Rick Story. Finally in the middle of round 2 Rick Story is being taken over by the Cowboy.

Winner: Donald Cerrone via TKO (head kick and punches)

Analysis: Another Donald Cerrone fight earned a Performance of the Night, he has now 3 in a row. Story needs to be more accurate and work on his defenses as well. Overall a good contest between the two.

Glover Teixeira vs. Anthony Johnson

The main co event of the night is next. Glover Teixeira called out of Anthony Johnson, which one does. Anthony is a monster and he has massive punch power. Anthony is 21-5 and ranked 3rd in Light Heavyweight division.

On the other hand Teixeira is not an easy target, he is 25-4 and ranked 5th in Light Heavyweight division. Glover has finished 20 of his fights in 1st round, shows how deadly he is. This is going to be interesting. Glover needs to survive the early attacks by Anthony which is always does.

Round # 1 As expected Johnson goes after Glover. Glover does the same too. Johnson throws a huge right hand and down goes Teixeira in 0:13 seconds of round 1.

Winner: Anthony Johnson via KO (punch)

Analysis: Wow !!! We knew something deadly is gonna happen in this fight but that as not expected this quick and sleepy. Glover got what he asked for. Anthony Johnson speaks towards Daniel Cormier that he is coming for the tittle. Cormier vs. Johnson will be a great main event, I am looking forward to it.

Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz

This is most awaited match since UFC 196 where Nate Diaz beat Conor McGregor. Conor was obsessed to get a rematch and finally here we are the main event of UFC 202. When they met first, Nate Diaz survived the thundering punches of Conor in the first round and Conor struggled to catch his breath. Diaz took advantage of that and got a submission win over Conor. Diaz took that fight on 11 days short notice. Lets see what happens this time.

Conor McGregor has finished 18 of his last 19 fights. 17 of them were KO and 13 in the first round. Conor gets in the octagon and the ring is half split by the security to avoid early interaction between the two.

Round # 1 Conor is more careful and saving his energy but he is landing constant hard leg kicks to Diaz. Conor tags Diaz big and he goes down but Conor want him to get back again. Huge round for McGregor as he lands about a dozen leg kicks and good punches as well. Nate is struggling with his leg.

Round # 2 Conor drops Nate twice and asked him to get back. Very good start to the round by Conor. But at the end of the round Diaz goes after McGregor and hit various good punches and Conor is in survival mode. Last minute of the round goes to Diaz otherwise it was all Conor again.

Round # 3 Conor is struggling to catch his breath. This could be the situation we saw when they collided the fist time. Diaz sense he has an opportunity and goes after him. Conor is struggling and tries to survive the clinch. Conor is slowly moving away from Diaz and Diaz points it to him. Nate goes after McGregor and he is badly hurt. This round is definitely a Nate Diaz round.

Conor goes to the 4th round first time in his career

Round # 4 A mix round for both fighters as they both have their moments in it. McGregor has landed nice kicks through out the fight. Diaz is bleeding heavily but still he goes after McGregor and earns good points. McGregor can be said winner of the round because he landed significant shots in this round.

Round # 5 Conor starts the round with good combination where he left the previous round. Conor has landed good shots to Nate. This is a dog fight and we can see Diaz wants to end the fight, Conor is on survival mode. Nate Diaz gets a take down just few seconds before the round ends, this is huge for him.

Winner: Conor McGregor via majority decision

Analysis: This is incredible and one of the best fights in the UFC history. Trash talking, bottle throwing and finally a great dog fight between the two. We expected this to happen and Nate says he is going to go for the third time as well. This deserved to be the fight of the night and it was. And at the end we see Conor McGergor is back.

UFC 202 results and analysis conclusion

UFC 202 was overall a good event, actually we can say every event that have Conor McGregor is a big event. And again McGregor showed the world how amazing, strong and resistant he is. Anthony Johnson was already the #1 in Light Heavyweight division and now a win over Teixeira made it clear that he is next in line to face Daniel Cormier for the championship. So this is it from UFC 202 results and reviews you can stay updated with us by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

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