Cormier vs Jones 2 At UFC 200 Will Steal The Show

Cormier vs Jones 2 at UFC 200
Cormier vs Jones 2 at UFC 200

Cormier vs Jones 2 at UFC 200 is going to steal the show once again. You can see the complete UFC 200 card here. We have seen both Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier do it before at UFC 182.

This is the rematch of this epic battle between these two great fighters. They are both known as two of the best in their weight category and have an intense chemistry as well. We have seen all the trash talk between these two.

You can see the Preview of UFC 200 in official UFC Youtube video here:


Cormier vs Jones History

Cormier vs Jones started when they were supposed to face at UFC 178, where they literately brawl at the press conference. But the fight was shifted to UFC 182 due Jones leg injury. But the hype and intensity of this collision was carried since UFC 178. They both put on a brilliant show at UFC 182. Although Jones won the match and retained the tittle, there was always supposed to be a rematch.

Jones was stripped of the tittle after a hit-and-run incident in Albuquerque. This was another interesting turn of events in Jones and Cormier Careers. Because in Jones absence, Daniel Cormier faced Anthony Johnson for the vacant light heavyweight title. Cormier won the tittle and said he is waiting for Jones to return and try to get back his tittle. Before Jones could have hands on Cormier, Cormier had to face another challenge at UFC 192 against Alexander Gustafsson, which again was defended by Cormier.

So once again these two are ready to face each other at UFC 197 but this time Cormier had to withdraw due to an injury and thus we the fight is finally scheduled for UFC 200, the biggest event for UFC.

This fight deserves to take place on a special event and this is what we are getting. Cormier vs Jones at UFC 200 will steal the show and definitely catch millions of viewers worldwide.  We need to wait until 9th July 2016 to see these two trash talking legends face each other. Read the complete UFC 200 card here.

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