Eric Bischoff Speaks On Raw & Smack Down GMs & Dirt Sheets

Eric Bischoff On Raw & Smack Down GMs

Eric Bischoff On Raw & Smack Down GMs
Eric Bischoff On Raw & Smack Down GMs

During Eric Bischoff’s new Podcast, “Bischoff on Wrestling” this past Wednesday, Eric Bischoff talked about a variety of subject and here are some highlights:

Eric on his opinion of dirt sheets and wrestling news sites:

“My feelings have evolved a lot over the years. That’s part and parcel because the internet sites for the most part… there are still some that are kind of throwbacks… a lot of them have really evolved over the years. I find them to be much more credible than they used to be. Guys like Wade Keller used to spend a lot of time editorializing. Convincing his readers that he was some kind of an expert when in fact he had never spent thirty seconds producing one frame of video or running a wrestling business. While he certainly had a valid opinion or perspective as a fan once you start positioning yourself as an expert, or even worse having inside information that really amounted to having third or fourth hand type conversations. I always had a problem with that but I don’t see as much of that anymore.”

Does Eric still read wrestling news site?

“I read because there is very little editorializing now and just more actual coverage of the news. It seems more and more that the internet sites now are making an effort to confirm sources and stories so we aren’t getting just the ridiculous stuff that permeated back before the internet in the dirt sheets. Early on with the internet sites. There was just so much garbage out there. With respect to the Wrestling Observer in particular I don’t think there’s anybody in that industry that has more direct credible contacts within the industry than Dave Meltzer. As much as I dislike the negative impact that guys like Dave Meltzer have had on the industry over the last couple of decades I can’t deny that fact that more often than not he’s pretty accurate.”

Bischoff on the Raw and Smack Down General Managers, Daniel Bryan & Mick Foley:

“I like them both, a lot. Obviously with Mick Foley I have a long standing relationship. I know him personally and professionally pretty well. Daniel Bryan I don’t know personally but I do know based on what I’ve seen, read and how he’s conduct himself in interviews that I have a ton of respect for him. I think you’ve got two great guys who are going to represent the industry very, very well. Who are both passionate about the industry. Both very talented. The challenge I see and I am going to be fascinated to see how this plays out over the next 3-6 months or even a year. You’ve got two guys that are really likable guys. You don’t have an antagonist and protagonist thing going on there. From a pure storytelling perspective it’s going to be interesting to see how that evolves. I don’t think Mick Foley based on the way I know him professionally and personally… I’m not sure he would ever feel comfortable in the role of an antagonist or heel. It’s going to be interesting to see how that plays out. People talk often about how, “Oh! We have too many authority figures! Why does it always have to be an authority figure?” Authority figures have always existed in professional wrestling. They were called commissioners before. You also had referees who actually had control and could have a serious impact on the decision of a match from a storytelling perspective. Those days are gone. You still need to have that structure of an authority figure to help tell that story and advance a storyline. It’s going to be interesting to see how this one evolves when you’ve got two really likable characters. I can’t imagine either one of them would necessarily embrace being a heel.”

I find it’s always interesting to read Eric Bischoff’s views on the pro wrestling business as he was such a major part of the Attitude Era being what it was.

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