Goldberg returns to WWE Raw, accepts Brock Lesnar’s challenge

Goldberg returns to WWE RAW
Goldberg returns to WWE RAW

It took 12 years for Bill Goldberg to decide that he has to come back and kick some ass. We knew from January 2016 that he will be doing in ring action, when he was contacted by WWE officials to be a part of WWE 2K17. It was Paul Heyman‘s challenge that forced him to return to Monday Night Raw and address his challenge.

Here you can see the epic entrance of Goldberg after long awaiting 12 years.

Goldberg returns to WWE RAW

Great reception and he walk towards the ring in huge applause.

Paul Heyman advice to Goldberg

Even before he has to enter the ring Paul Heyman has a brilliant message for him that why Brock Lesnar did not challenged him for the match.


Goldberg accepts Lesnar challenge

And once Goldberg was here he had tears in his eyes for the first time in the ring. He was as social as we had never dreamed of. Check out what he had to say to Brock Lesnar.


Positive points

  • There is no doubt fans loved to see him back and will also enjoy the rivalry between these two.
  • Also there will be an impact on crowd reactions and audience.

Negative points

  • I highly doubt that once they both are in ring there will be same Boo’s as we heard when they last collided at Wrestlemania. Even the addition of Stone Cold could not make that match a 5 star match.
  • Both of them are heavy and slow in moving. Can there pace keep match alive and keep people interest.

Lets see what will happen when they both collide, We know it is going to happen not before Wrestlemania as this is a match worth mania, again.

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