Interview: Dolph Ziggler on Swerved season 2 and going on Date with Paige


In an recent interview Dolph Ziggler had to say a lot about newly starting 2nd season of Swerved. Read the interview to know views of Dolph Ziggler on Swerved and other:


Dolph Ziggler on Swerved

The pranks are back with the second season of WWE Network’s “Swerved,” but the game isn’t exactly the same. After a season of episodes that saw WWE superstars pulling pranks on each other, Dolph Ziggler — the de facto host of “Swerved” — says something needed to change.

“I did love the first season of ‘Swerved,’ let me tell you who did not: All of the superstars who were involved,” he tells Zap2it.

“We were screwing with our own people on a day-to-day basis. After a month of so, no one was to be trusted. People were holding their bags in their hands with their backs up against the wall in the locker room. It became pretty intense.” Imagine being on the road for work all week and never sure whether you were walking into a prank. Hilarious as it may be — the pranks were all in good fun — there’s bound to be a level of paranoia.

“It became increasingly difficult to where, and I mean this, I was the face of the show for a while and people would pull me aside when I walked into work and say, ‘Don’t you dare do something to me today. If it happens, I’m coming after you,’” Ziggler remembers. He readily admits that thanks to this it’s become increasingly difficult to get one over on his fellow superstars. So instead, “Swerved” is taking a look at the audience. “Luckily with this season, it was for the most part having a laugh with the fans and then making them feel like a million bucks after,” he says.

That includes disguising Big Show as a giant trophy and causing destruction at the gym, an art gallery or wherever else they can sneak in a camera. Of course, that doesn’t mean the superstars are safe. This time around though, they’ll be getting themselves in trouble.

Dolph Ziggler and Paige going on Blind Dates

One prank, which you can see a preview of below, sees Ziggler and former Divas Champion Paige going on blind dates while wearing shock collars. “Not just a shock collar like they have for training dogs,” Ziggler says. “This is on the upper part of my groin, on high, and I’m sure somehow screwed with to be higher than high.” The entire segment led to what was legitimately one of Ziggler’s most bizarre dating experiences. “I cannot explain to you how nerve-wracking and sweaty and scared and on the edge of my seat I was that day,” he says. “Even if the episode comes down to make it look like I was on this blind date for five minutes, it was 45 minutes to an hour of my looking out of the corner of my eye, afraid to sit down at any moment, trying to have a realistic blind date with someone”

That’s going to be a sight to see. The new season of “Swerved” debuts on demand June 6 after “WWE Monday Night Raw” on the WWE Network. As a bonus, all nine episodes of Season 2 will be released simultaneously, so you can binge your way through them.



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