An introduction of UFC Star Paige VanZant to WWE Fans

UFC Star Paige VanZant Declines SummerSlam Appearance
UFC Star Paige VanZant Declines SummerSlam Appearance

We got the news last week that Brock Lesner will face Mark Hunt on UFC 200. We say a very flexible approach chosen by both WWE and UFC in this deal. This might be the first time both these wrestling companies have performers being shifted from one ring to another. We saw UFC Superstar Ronda Rousey on Wrestlemania 31 last year as well. But Brock Lesner is in working contract with WWE when he will be returning to UFC Octagon for UFC 200.

We believe in this deal WWE is asking for favor from UFC as well, as there are rumors WWE is approaching upcoming UFC star Paige Vanzant to appear on SummerSlam 2016. You can read the complete detail here WWE in talks with UFC star Paige VanZant to appear on SummerSlam 2016.

So who is UFC Star Paige VanZant?

Here is a list of things a WWE fan must know about Paige Vanzant:


She is the youngest debut UFC Female

Vanzant was contacted directly by Dana White in Decemeber 2013 to be part of The Ultimate Fighter competition, at that time she was only 19 year old. But she did not make into it because of age limits of TUF house. But she still holds the record of youngest debut of a UFC Female fighter.

She has all skills in octagon

Vanzant has really powerful moves in the octagon and also holds the blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, so she is an active submission threat as well. She had shown all skills in her recent 3 fights against her opponents i.e. a KO, Full Decision win and a submission win.

Paige Vanzant is Hollywood, will be seen in KickBoxer 2: Retaliation

She will be in the movie Kickboxer 2 along with huge names like Van Damme, Batista, Mike tyson and UFC stars Gina Carana and Georges St-Pierre (GSP). This is a huge marketing campaign for UFC star Paige Vanzant.

She won “Fightof the Night” in her Debut

Vanzant beat Kailin Curran in his debut match in third round with KO punches. Although she had a injury in the match but the match was so energetic it earned a “Fight of the Night” award.

She is a superstar early in his career

After the match with Kailin Curran, she had so much name that Reebok gave her a sponsorship deal. Some people say it is way too early for her to sign such deals but no matter what UFC star Paige Vanzant is a superstar today.



She spent 13 years of Studying

Vanzant parents own a dance studio and for 13 years she learned different dances from there. She is expert in hip hop, jazz and ballet. Although MMA Fighting and dancing are two different fields but she had done mastery in both of them.

She was runner up on “Dancing with the stars”

As we told earlier that she had 13 years in Dance studio. So he had great dancing moves an professional career in it as well. She performed in Dancing with the stars and was runner up in the competition season 22.


Paige might fight at SummerSlam

If she is there on Summerslam, she may be ready for fight as well and wait for the moment to see who she will go after.


This is the list of some points that WWE fans need to know about UFC star Paige Vazant before she enters the WWE ring at SummerSlam 2016.

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