Jeff Hardy Interview, Speaks On TNA Morale & The Undertaker

Jeff Hardy Interview

Jeff Hardy Interview, Speaks On TNA Morale & The Undertaker
Jeff Hardy Interview, Speaks On TNA Morale & The Undertaker

Jeff Hardy was recently featured on The Ross Report Podcast which you can listen to here:

Here are some highlights from that interview:

Jeff on not being able to ride his motorcycle anymore after his recent accident:

“I hate that I can’t ride like that. I rode it for some, we did some filming out here for TNA that aired last week. I rode it around for a little bit, but still, my knees, I don’t think I can absorb the jumps. Man, I just miss it so much. I’m always going to love Motocross, and until I get my knee fixed, I won’t ride it until I’m strong; I just can’t take any chances now.”

Jeff on slowing down a little due to injury and his age:

“Yeah, I think it’s my mind, man. It’s going woah, slow down, chill out, and when you go to the chiropractor tomorrow and see if he can fix my neck. Oh my gosh, every little thing, it’s crazy, but overall man, I can’t complain. That adrenaline man, we talked about that earlier,that adrenaline is our thing man, when you are out there in front of a crowd. When you are out there doing what you love, and that passion just sets fire to your soul, it’s amazing what you can accomplish.”

Jeff on his match against The Undertaker and fans asking about it:

“All the time man. We were doing a signing before a show Saturday here in North Carolina and I don’t know how many people said man, the best match you’ve ever had was you against The Taker, it was so good-and your (Ross) commentary comes up in the balance as well. Oh my God, just everything was so perfect about that match. Every time I go back and watch that. I haven’t watched that in a while, but every time that I do I get goosebumps, and if you get the goosebumps man it’s always good.”

Jeff on the the backstage morale in TNA:

“As far as morale goes, it’s great. I mean, I don’t read any of the timelines on Twitter, or any of the comments from dirt sheets or whatever, I don’t pay attention to any of that. I have more important stuff to do, and as far as I’m concerned, morale is great. We are still living the dream, and going to succeed and compete, but you know, it’s kind of hard when things are going down as if there is bad morale or not a team, but we are man, we are a great group of talent and as far as I’m concerned it’s great, but it’s not really my problem as far as our success on a TV channel.

As far as I’m concerned the shows are great, but it’s up to the wrestling fans to love it, but yeah, as far as morale backstage man, I don’t think nothing’s wrong with it. I mean, everybody is putting it all out there and leaving it all out in the ring. Every time I watch TNA, I love love love this, this is great. Some things aren’t perfect, but I mean, gosh, if I was a fan, I always think back to when before I got into wrestling, when I was around 9, 10, 11, before I was 16, and having to lie about my age to WWF television, but anyway, if I was a fan, I think I would dig TNA because they’re the underdogs,

I mean, that’s just my theory but, I don’t know man, it’s just the world is so WWE dominant it’s just crazy. I think the majority of my fans want to see me back in WWE. It doesn’t make me sick, I mean, I know where they are coming from, but I just wish we were like a bigger platform as far as, we are on top. I really don’t care, I just go out there every taping and do the best I can, and hope for the best as far as results.”

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