Jon Jones talks about Drug tests “Steroids won’t increase fight IQ, skill or timing”

Jon Jones Didn't Take Drugs NSAC Said He Tested Positive For
Jon Jones Didn't Take Drugs NSAC Said He Tested Positive For

Jones Jones, former light heavyweight division champion, has been drug test (certified) just few days before the most important matches of his career. Fans were expecting bloody fight between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones after Cormier loss first time. But Jones failed the drug test and was ripped of his title. And just before UFC 200 he once again failed the drug test. He is most certainly clear to return the octagon now. But people have never stopped bashing him in anger. So recently Jon Jones talks about drug tests and his views about drug usage. Let’s have a look:












Jones claims that Steroids won’t increase ones fight IQ, timing and skill set. We might have to agree with Jones in this point because if that is not the case then every fighter would have tried steroids and not trained with expensive, hard and time consuming coaches. These PED’s taken by Jones are actually helpful in gaining better and fast recovery speed.

Things are still not clear about Jones sanction and possible return matches. Let’s wait for word from UFC officials about it and till then you can browse through our Latest UFC News and Rumors section and read more news about UFC and MMA.

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