Kurt Angle Interview: The Reason Why He Took One Year Away From Wrestling

Kurt Angle Interview

Kurt Angle Interview
Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle recently took part in an interview with Belleville News- Democrat which you can read complete Kurt Angle Interview here: 
Kurt talked about a variety of subjects including why he’s taking a year off from pro wrestling. Here are the highlights from the interview:
What was his greatest achievement?
“I get asked that question quite often. What was the single greatest achievement of my career? Was it winning the WWE title? Was it winning the TNA heavyweight championship? No, it was winning the Olympic Gold medal. It defined my career. It defined my life. Aside from being a dad four times with a fifth one on the way, it’s the highlight.”
What is Kurt Angle doing now?
“I’m taking the year off but I’m also keeping my face out there with public appearances. I was in the United Kingdom last week, and then New York and now here tonight. It’s great to be here and watch the Grizzlies play. This (St. Louis) area has always been a great wrestling city. It’s been a few years — probably six or seven years — since we did our last show here. It’s great to be back.”
Kurt Angle on his Olympic Trials where he suffered a broken neck, but continued to wrestle:
“It was a great, but very painful time in my life. I wrestled twice at the trials and then five times at the Olympic Games and I had shots of novacaine each time I wrestled. The tough part of it was getting medical clearance to be able to compete with a broken neck. I saw countless doctors before I finally found someone who would take a chance on me.”
Kurt Angle defeated Iran’s Abbas Jadidi to win the 198-220 pound Olympic gold medal.
“What really stands out to me was that I was able to win the gold medal in the United States — the greatest nation on earth,” Angle said. “To be able win it in front of our fans was indescribable. It was a great advantage for all of us to be able to compete at home.”
Kurt talked about the 2016 Olympic Games:
“I’m looking forward to seeing how we do in the Olympic Games this summer. I hear there are a number of outstanding wrestlers. I don’t know if they will do as well as we did. The ’96 team was a very special group of wrestlers.”
Kurt on being a pro wrestler and why he took this year away from the ring:
“Wrestling professionally is a great life, but it’s also a very grueling and demanding lifestyle we as wrestlers go through. I mean we’re on the road constantly, doing between 250 to 300 shows each year. Hitting the mat as much as we do, it takes its toll on us physically. That’s why I said, I’m taking this year off to let my body rest and heal.”
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