Lawler vs. Woodly Analysis: Can Tyron Woodley beat Robbie Lawler at UFC 201?

Robbie Lawler vs. Woodly Analysis
Robbie Lawler vs. Woodly Analysis

UFC 201 is a just a week around and we are going have some of the best matches in UFC. The most anticipated fight and the main event of the night is Robbie Lawler vs. Tyron Woodley for the Welterweight Championship. Have a look at the complete UFC 201 card here UFC 201 Complete Fight Card. Let have a complete Lawler vs. Woodly Analysis that is taking place at UFC 201.

UFC 201 Lawler vs. Woodley Analysis

First of all i am excited to see Robbie Lawler (27-10) back in action after some long break. The attitude and power and energy he brings to the match is not match-able to any other super star. Although he has a record of 27-10 at this stage, he is still the most energetic and powerful in his division. He had been losing matches early in his career but since he was chosen to fight Johny Hendricks for the vacant title he has become a machine. He lost the first match but was awarded the Fight of Night award. He than continued his winning ambition and won 3 straight matches thus bringing him back to challenge Hendricks again. This time he made no mistake and won the Welterweight title. He is currently having a 5 math winning streak. Out of these 5 matches, 3 are Fight of the Night award matches.

On its opponent corner we will see Tyron Woodley (15-3) who have been doing great since he is in UFC. He lost his first match after a 10 match winning streak. And the other two loss he suffered was 1 as a split decision against Jake Shields at UFC 161 and than later lost to Rory McDonald at UFC 171 in a unanimous decision. He is a strong lad with lots of power in his punches and kicks. he is fast and can surprise his opponent anytime. I would like to call Tyron Woodley the complete package. Woodley has total 15 wins, 5 of these wins are by Knockout, 5 by submission and 5 by decision. So the bottom line is he can punch KO you, he can make you submit and he can also last for longer time.

My Prediction

Tyron will go after Lawler in first round for sure but I think if Robbie Lawler can take slight advantage on him in first and second round he may frustrate Woodley. And then we know what Lawler can do even at the last rounds. But i believe this match is going to end with a submission or KO. We are not gonna see full five round fight. It could be Woodley finishing Lawler with his speed and power or it could be devastating Ruthless Robbie running over another his opponent. I may bet on Robbie Lawler once again, i think he will win the match.

For the results of UFC 201 we have to wait till Saturday this weekend. This would be an interesting match to see. Lets see what we get when this UFC 201 Fight Card is live. This is going to be an interesting match. Have a look at the complete UFC 201 card here UFC 201 Complete Fight Card. For more UFC News and UFC Analysis visit UFC News homepage.

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