Looking Back At Last Week’s TNA Impact Wrestling

Looking Back At Last Week's TNA Impact Wrestling

Looking Back At Last Week's TNA Impact Wrestling
Looking Back At Last Week's TNA Impact Wrestling

In preparation for tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling, let’s take a look back at last week’s show….

Looking Back At Last Week’s TNA Impact Wrestling (Air Date  28th June 2016)

To open Impact, Mike Bennett and Maria were joined by Lashley and EC3 and eventually Drew Galloway in the ring. Billy Corgan came out as the enforcer and made an X-Division Battle Royal with the winner facing Mike Bennett for the X Division Title.

Billy is now is charge as Dixie has been sent home for slapping Maria a couple of weeks ago.

The segment ends with Bennett and Lashley double teaming EC3 until Drew runs down to make the save but he accidentally hits the Claymore on EC3 as Lashley and Bennett quickly leave the ring.

The first match is for the Knockouts Championship – Sienna (with Allie) Vs Gail Kim.

The match is going well for a short time but Jade comes to the ring to even the odds after Allie interferes and Marti attacks Jade on the ramp which causes a temporary distraction for Gail Kim. She hits Allie from the apron and falls victim to the Silencer by Sienna for the win.

Eli Drake Fact Of Life in-ring Segment with James Storm. It ended with Storm hitting Eli with a Superkick. Eli Drake has been improving each week and this Fact Of Life segment was the best one they have done so far. If this leads to a program with James Storm I think that would be a good thing for both guys.

Rosemary was shown backstage enticing Bram to join The Decay….

Matt Hardy gets Reby to push his wheelchair around the ring as he cuts a promo on Jeff who comes out to face his older brother. Jeff asks Matt what it will take for this to end. Matt says that he wants one final match for the Hardy name. Jeff agrees to the match. Reby starts yelling at Jeff and Matt Hardy gets out of the wheelchair and attacks his younger brother from behind. He gives him the Twist Of Hate and says that their last match will be next week from their home in Cameron, North Carolina.

X-Division Battle Royal for Title Match
Braxton Sutter wins. After the match, Gregory Helms had Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett attack Saxton before his Title match with Mike Bennett.

X Title Match

Mike Bennett Vs Braxton Sutter

Braxton was selling the Battle Royal he had just been in as well as the beat down afterwards as he lost a quick match to a fresh Mike Bennett.

Backstage, Mike Bennett said that he will cash in Option C next week – which is to trade his X Division Title for a World Championship Match with whoever is Champion.

Al Snow & The Tribunal Vs Tyrus, Grado & Shera.
Tyrus pinned Baraka in the match. The only notable thing from it I remember is that Al Snow kept his coach whistle in his mouth and blew it a lot.

World Title Match

Lashley Vs EC3 Vs Drew

It’s a shame they didn’t have a little longer but I thought this was a good match. Drew chopped the EC3’s chest so hard that it started to bleed.

Lashley Speared Drew and pinned him to win the match and retain the TNA World Championship.

Overall this was a good Impact Wrestling.

I’m intrigued over the Final Deletion Match between the Hardys on next week’s show.
I think it’s unlikely that Mike Bennett will win the World Title next week but I’m interested in what this means for the X Division Title that he will give up for the chance.



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