Will WWE Raw Have It’s Lowest Ever Rating Tonight?

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Could tonight’s Raw score the lowest rating a live Raw has ever had? Read our analysis about this topic which emerges at least every month that Will WWE Raw Have It’s Lowest Ever Rating Tonight?

On Twitter, Danny Tuccitto who is a popular sports statistician, is predicting that tonight’s WWE RAW will only draw a 1.58 rating.

If this is accurate, it will be the second lowest rating in WWE RAW history.
The lowest rating for RAW was a 1.5 cable rating on December 23rd, 1996 for a taped show  on Christmas Eve.

The lowest rated live RAW was the next week, on December 30, 1996. That show scored a 1.6.

If tonight’s show does score the low rating that Tuccitto is predicting, it means that it will be the lowest rating a live edition of WWE RAW has ever had.

Here is Tuccitto’s Tweet predicting Raw’s low rating:

@adecorativedrop late on this (or early actually?), but final 7/4 forecast: 1.58 w/ 98% chance of sub-2.0.

— Danny Tuccitto (@IR_DannyT) July 1, 2016

So lets see will Raw Have It’s Lowest Ever Rating Tonight or not.

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