Smack Down LIVE Results (7/26/2016): Huge Nights for Dolph Ziggler and Apollo Crews

Dolph Ziggler #1 contender
Dolph Ziggler

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon start the show as they enter the ring and all the roaster is standing on the ring apron. They introduced Dean Ambrose and there he comes walking down the ramp, The Lunatic Champion. Daniel and Shane share there plan of how they will finalize the #1 contender for WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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They announce you are gonna see a six man challenge for #1 contender. 5 names of the contender were:

John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Bray Wyatt, Baron Corbin and AJ Styles

But there is one name missing…..

Yes that one name will be decided in the Battle Royal between all the remaining superstars.

Battle Royal is next and we see all the fighters fighting to earn a shot at the title. Finally we had Zack Ryder, Apollo Crews, Kane and Kalisto in the ring. Kane eliminates both Zack and Kalisto. But Apollo Crews counters the choke slam from Kane and lowers the top rope to eliminate Kane and win the match.

Winner: Apollo Crews – 6th man in the #1 contender match

We go to the main event with John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, AJ Styles, Bray Wyatt, Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews. This was a high intensity and pace match that had few really close 3 counts. Corbin, Cena, Bray Wyatt had their chances to win. But it was AJ Styles who hits Cena with the Phenomenal forearm, Cena rolls out of the ring and Ziggler hits Styles with the Super Kick. Dolph Ziggler wins.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler is the #1 contender for WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Smack Down LIVE had great intensity and crowd acceptance and this is the ultimate plan of WWE. Smack Down had very low ratings in recent times and this is the only way they can get it back again.

Big First Smack Down LIVE Night for Night for Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews had terrific two matches and he performed well in the main event of the night. WWE is slowly shifting Crews to the next level. He needs to get more in touch with the crowd while fighting and prove himself on the mic as well. In his training, I think this was a huge night for Apollo Crews.

Big First Smack Down LIVE Night for Night for Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler, the man WWE Universe always thought was given the least opportunity. And Dolph Ziggler #1 contender for WWE Title. He is been given the chance to fight in the #1 contender match and as always “The Show Off” fights his heart and proves he can do it. Daniel and Shane have given the chance to Ziggler first in this New Era. I think it is one of important and best night of Ziggler’s Career.

It’s not only Smack Down LIVE that goes to New Era, Monday Night RAW also had a significant show of its own. Finn Balor and Sasha Banks were the winners of the night. You can catch up the story here: HUGE First RAW of New Era for Finn Balor and Sasha Banks

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