T.J. Dillashaw was ‘one of the worst training partners of all time’ says Team Alpha Male Fighters

T.J. Dillashaw
T.J. Dillashaw

T.J. Dillashaw left Team Alpha Male fighters and joined Elevation Fight Team in Colorado. He left a very skillful set of trainers and co fighters behind, Urijah Faber and others. Since his departure we have rarely seen Dillashaw fellow fighters from Team Alpha speak against him. But recently we had heard a lot negative about TJ Dillashaw from his former mates.

We see all the fighters from his team had different views on his departure. Some wished him good luck while some opened up some dark secrets which they had not previously. Let’s look into the views of Adam Corrigan.

Urijah Faber said that “TJ Dillashaw is a very aggressive fighter.”

Welterweight MMA fighter Adam Corrigan in a recent interview with BloodyElbow said:

Dillashaw was the worst training partner:

T.J. Dillashaw was probably one of the worst training partners of all time, no matter who you were,” he said. “We have a lot of kids that are 18, 20 years old — they love MMA and just want to train with a teammate. They pay for it, and it’s the experience. You also get some serious fighters that come and train.

“[Dillashaw] would spar with the kids that were there just to have fun and learn and be part of an experience. And he would beat the living sh-t out of them — like, till they’re crying on the mat.

“And I’m like, ‘What the f-ck are you doing man, just chill out. These aren’t the people to be beating up on right now.’ That’s just the person he was.”

I don’t care:

“Having him gone, I didn’t really care. I got along with him as a mate but it didn’t really bother me or hurt me at all. He left and I was like, ‘Cool.’ It’s better for the younger guys at the gym because they’re not getting concussed every weekend.”

Adam Corrigan believe moving to Elevation Fight Team was not a good move and he did not appreciate that. Let’s see what Dillashaw responses on that and how will it effect his relationship with them. Although most of the people, even Dillashaw had also said they don’t care and want to move on.

You can read the complete interview here TJ Dillashaw interview with BloddyElbow.

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