TNA Slammiversary 2016 Complete Analysis

TNA Slammiversary 2016 Complete Analysis
TNA Slammiversary 2016 Complete Analysis

This a complete match by match coverage and analysis. You can read TNA Slammiversary 2016 Complete Analysis here and get to know what we thought of this event.

Venue: Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2016 PPV held at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL

Date: Sunday, the 12th of June


At the start of the PPV, Billy Corgan and the roster stood on the ramp and gave silence to respect the people who had died the night before in Orlando as a result of the largest mass shooting in the US.

Music from Smashing Pumpkin’s great song “Eye” was played throughout the PPV during backstage segments and video packages…..


Trevor Lee Vs Eddie Edwards Vs DJ Z Vs Andrew Everett

Impact Wrestling X Division Championship

Before the match started, Gregory Helms who came to the ring with Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett was ejected from the match and sent to the back.

Lee and Everett started the match working together but Edwards and DJ Z gained the advantage and sent them to the outside before exchanging pinfall attempts on each other inside the ring.

At one point, Eddie suplexed Trevor Lee out of the ring but Trevor held on a little longer than normal and it resulted in a reverse hangman on Eddie which looked unintentionally brutal. I think maybe they were supposed to go over the ropes together to the floor as that’s where they ended to break the fall of Everett who hit a Corkscrew off a Springboard to the outside to take out all three of his opponents.

Although they had been working with each other in the match, Trevor interrupted a pinfall attempted by Andrew on DJ Z. While they were arguing, Eddie floored them with a double dropkick from the top rope.

Eddie nailed a great suicide dive to the outside on Andrew Everett.

The Moonsault Slam by Trevor Lee scored a 2 count on DJ Z

Back in the ring, Everett hit a brutal Double Stomp to a standing DJ Z but walked into an Eddie Superkick for a near fall. Trevor hit a release back Suplex on DJ Z from the top rope Andrew hit a nice Springboard Hurricanrana on Eddie from the top rope for another near fall.

Everett missed a 450 Splash from the top rope and DJ Z scored a 2 count with a DDT. Eddie rolled up Trevor Lee with a surprise Small Package for the win and to become the new X Division Champion.

I thought this was a great match that was very fast paced and an excellent match to start the PPV.
Everyone worked hard and it was good to see Eddie Edwards win the X Division Title for the first time.


Winner: Eddie Edwards via Pin fall

I’ll give this match 7 / 10


ECIII promo on Mike Bennett who had previously referred to himself as God….

“God, meet your Devil and make your peace”


Grado and Mahabali Shera versus The Tribunal (with Al Snow)

Thankfully this was kept pretty short. Al Snow has been coming to the ring with a whistle he blows like crazy like the old WWF manager, the Coach. Al Snow cut a promo and said that he was the Donald Trump of wrestling and that he would make pro wrestling great again….

The Tribunal worked on Shera for a while before he made the tag to Grado.
The Tribunal won the match with a double team move similar to Demolition’s finish, a Backbreaker into an Elbow / Forearm from the second rope.

This match was less painful than I expected it to be because Grado didn’t seem to be in the ring much…. either that or I just blanked those parts. My brain does tend to think of other thing when I see Grado as a defence mechanism. Either way, the match didn’t last very long and the right guys went over.



Backstage, Braxton stumbles across a James Storm promo backstage and Storm tells him he has an idea…


Winners: The Tribunal via pin

I’ll give this match 1 / 10 – the 1 is just because it served its purpose.


Maria Kanellis-Bennett Vs Gail Kim

After Gail Kim had made her way to the ring, Maria came out with her hand in a cast to say that she wasn’t able to compete due to having a broken hand. Billy Corgan came out and showed an X-ray that was taken to confirm that she did in fact have a broken hand and wasn’t able to compete against Gail. He said that the match will happen when her hand has healed. Maria said that she may never wrestle again…. Billy said that as the KO Title match planned for later was Jade defending against Sienna he was going to make that match into a Triple Threat with Gail Kim instead and start it right now….


Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship Title Match

Jade Vs Sienna Vs Gail Kim

Jade and Gail started the match working together against Sienna before they turned their attention to each other. Sienna caught them on the turnbuckles and dropped them both at the same time with a Samoan Drop at one point.

Jade hit a Springboard DDT on Sienna. Gail performed a top rope Hurricanrana on Jade.
Sienna hit her AK47 on Jade before falling victim to Gail Kim’s Eat Defeat. Before she could score the 3 count, Allie stopped the referee from counting. Gail Kim chases after Allie and brawls with Maria on the ramp. Inside the ring Sienna has the KO Title ready to attack Jade but Marti Bell jumps into the ring and hits her former Dollhouse friend Jade with some kind of foreign object. Sienna takes advantage of the fallen champion and pins Jade to become the new Knockouts Champion.


Winner & New TNA Knockouts Champion: Sienna

I’ll give this match 6 / 10

I thought this was a very good match. The finish was very convoluted and chaotic though. More than it really needed to be. The camera switched from Gail Kim and Maria who started to brawl on the ramp – Maria seemed to slap Gail who took a bump…. to the ring where Marti Bell was about to attack and that was the last we saw of Gail Kim and Maria…. I’m assuming that Gail Kim got to her feet and chased her backstage… I liked Jade as Knockouts Champion and feel it’s a shame she lost the belt here. Jade now has an issue with Marti Bell to settle, leaving Gail Kim to face Maria’s monster Sienna over the Knockout Title which should lead to some good matches.

James Storm comes to the ring and says that 14 years ago when TNA started he was just a young guy that no one knew and he was given a chance and he wanted to give someone else a chance. He calls out Braxton Sutter….

James Storm Vs Braxton Sutter

This was a short match which seemed to exist just to have James Storm on the card. It’s a shame they didn’t find a more meaningful way to feature him to be honest.
James Storm won the match with the Last Call Superkick and they shook hands after the match and drank beers.
While this was happening I thought Braxton was going to turn on Storm and attack him to start a feud between the two…. but it didn’t happen.


Winner: James Storm

I’ll give this 3 / 10

Because although it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t particularly good either, it just happened. These guys could probably have a really good match but this wasn’t the situation or right night for it, it felt like just a way to get them on the already stacked card with little time or reason for it to happen.


Eli Drake Vs Bram

Impact Wrestling King of the Mountain Championship Match

Shortly after the match started Eli tried to walk to the back but he was cut off by Bram and sent back to the ring.

Bram removed the ringside matting so he could drive Eli into the concrete with the Brighter Side Of Suffering DDT but Eli reversed it and backdropped him on to the concrete floor.

Eli climbed the ropes on the outside but he lost his footing and slipped back into the ring accidentally. He asked the referee to count Bram out but he was able to make it back into the ring in time to stay in the match.

Bram recovered and hit Eli with a big Powerbomb in the ring for a 2 count.

He nailed Eli with The Brighter Side Of Suffering DDT but Eli rolled outside the ring. Bram followed and scraped him up from the ground and threw him back in the ring but Eli had been playing possum and greeted a returning Bram with the Kneelift / Clothesline combo he called Blunt Force Trauma for the win and to hang on to The King Of The Mountain Championship.

I like Eli and Bram but I thought this match could have been a little better but was fine for what it was. The story of the match was that Eli outsmarted Bram. I’m thinking that this isn’t going to be the last match between them so this was fine for building heat in their feud. Hopefully the next match between them will have a little more time.

Eli has been really entertaining over the last few months and I think he’s a great talent. Bram has also been excellent although I thought he was most effective as a heel which changed


Winner: Eli Drake

I’ll rate this 6 / 10



Ethan Carter III Vs Mike Bennett

EC3: “I’m going to church to punch God in the face”

EC3 takes control of the match early on with chops, Mike Bennett goes to the outside and turns the tide of the match by sending EC3 into the ring post. Mike hits a guardrail assisted DDT on the ramp to EC3 who struggles to make his way back into the ring. The action is back and forth for a while. Bennett gets a 2 count after a Spine Buster. EC3 recovered and fires back with Clotheslines and a Stinger Splash in the corner. EC3 goes for the TK3 on the apron but Mike holds on to the top rope and EC3 drives himself into the apron. EC3 is caught coming off the top rope with a cutter. A low blow from Bennett breaks a the Cobra Clutch submission and EC3 kicks out after a Piledriver.
EC3 nails Bennett with three German Suplexes and the One Percenter…. Maria slides a chair into the ring which distracts the ref. Bennett kicks out at 2. EC3 turns his attention to Maria before heading back into the ring while the referee is with Maria. Bennett drives EC3 hits his Miracle In Progress finisher into the chair but EC3 kicks out at 2. Great false finish here. Bennett goes for another Piledriver but EC3 reverses into a TK3 and then the One Percenter for a 3 count.

EC3 finds his redemption and gets the win over The Miracle Mike Bennett.

I thought this was a really great match and better than I expected it to be.


Winner: Ethan Carter III

I’ll give this 8 / 10


Matt Hardy backstage says that brother Nero needs to pay for his sins against him. He says that he has been Jeff’s heart, his brain and his soul. Without Matt there would be no Jeff and his own survival means Jeff’s destruction. He will delete his brother Nero tonight……


Matt Hardy Vs Jeff Hardy

Full Metal Mayhem Match

Matt Hardy has some new piano music….

Matt Hardy goes to work on Jeff early on with a ladder outside the ring. Jeff turns it around by reversing a Suplex on Matt on the outside. Jeff rams the ladder repeatedly into Matt standing against the ring post. Jeff positions Matt on a table and splashes him through it over the top rope to the outside. Inside the ring Jeff opens up a huge builder’s ladder and balances it on the ropes. He positions Matt on the ladder and Splashes him through it.

Jeff goes for a Swanton Bomb but Matt raises his knees to take control of the match. Jeff catches him with a Twist Of Fate but Matt no-sells it and Clotheslines him down. He bites his brother and hits a Side Effect on Jeff on the Apron of the ring. He pulls out a keyboard from under the ring and balances it between the guardrail and the ring. He Power bombs Jeff through it. Back in the ring, both Hardys battle on top of a ladder and the ladder falls, sending them both into the top rope. Jeff Hardy hits the Twist Of Fate on Matt through a table and a Swanton Bomb through another table on the outside from the top rope for the pinfall.

I thought this was a good match, the best match they have ever had against each other. I’m curious to see where this leads and whether we’ve seen the end of the feud or not. I wonder whether Matt will return to his usual self or if this new strange and dark character will continue. I hope it will continue and with the loss to Jeff he has even more to be a martyr about now.


Winner: Jeff Hardy

I’ll give this 7 / 10


Decay (with Rosemary) Vs Bromans (with Raquel)

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match 

This tag match was a lot better than I expected. At one point Abyss was blinded by Crazzy Steve’s mist and accidentally Chokeslammed him leading to Robbie and Jessie almost upsetting them for the Championship. Jessie and Robbie hit their Hart Attack style Double Team move on Steve into Jessie’s Boston Crab and the referee didn’t see Steve tapping out. 

Rosemary came into the ring to distract Jessie and he gorilla pressed her on to Abyss and Steve outside the ring. Raquel and Rosemary fought on the outside leading to the finish when Abyss Powerbombed his partner on to Jessie for the win.

I’m pleased that Decay are still the Champions and I was pleasantly surprised by this match which was a pretty good tag team match.


Winners: The Decay

I’ll give this 7 / 10


Drew Galloway vs. Bobby Lashley

Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship Match: Knock Out or Tap Out

Drew Galloway started the match quickly with a Claymore. Bobby Lashley hit a Spear. Drew broke up an Arm bar attempt by stomping on Lashley’s face causing him to bleed a little near his eye.

Spinebuster on Galloway and a delayed Suplex. Drew reverse a Superplex attempt and hit Bobby Lashley with a Clothesline from the top rope. After another Claymore on Lashley he survived an overhead Suplex and hit a big Spear. A running big boot by Drew sends Lashley to the outside where he is sent into the steps. After a Claymore on the outside, he drives himself through a table after Bobby moves out of the way. Bobby Lashley grabs a crossface on Drew who reverses it into a Tombstone piledriver. Drew misses another Claymore and Lashley punches him to the mat and puts him in a trapped arm choke / submission. Drew passes out.

The new Impact Wrestling World Champion is Bobby Lashley!

This was another hard-hitting and exciting match. I didn’t think they would end Drew’s current reign so soon but Lashley is a very worthwhile Champion so I’m not disappointed at all.


Winner and new TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Lashley

I’ll rate this match 8 / 10


This was overall a great event with awesome matches in it. Although few matches only served the purpose but this is how it goes. Hope you will like our TNA Slammiversary 2016 Complete Analysis. Do share your thoughts in comments.

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