Tommy Dreamer Interview, Speaks On HOH & Why He Turned Down Recent WWE Contract

Tommy Dreamer Interview

Tommy Dreamer Interview
Tommy Dreamer Interview
Tommy Dreamer had a recent interview on the WNS Podcast which you can listen to here:

Here are some highlights of the interview:

Tommy Dreamer on why he created House Of Hardcore:

“A litany of things. Always wanted to do it, I guess it was a natural progression for myself and doing all that behind the scenes and the original ECW and then in WWE after I was wrestling there I went in the office for a little bit and I was the guy who hired a lot of men and women and I ran the developmental system which is now NXT and that’s kind of where it all came from. I love wrestling, have since I was 9 years old and then caught me on a weekend where it was just so full of no more politics and all the stuff that goes on in wrestling. So, I was like you know what? I’m gonna try it and it worked out and hence my slogan is “No Politics, No BS. Just Wrestling” and I just said I would do one, if it was successful and now we’re up at House Of Hardcore 16 in Pasadena. So, it’s been going good for me.”
Tommy Dreamer on the current WWE Product and whether he would return to the company:
“I have been talking with WWE a lot. They wanted me to come back and I basically just said I have so many commitments with House Of Hardcore. I’d love to come back, I’d love to help. Kind of like what I did the last time when I went back. I just can’t sign a contract right now. I can’t give up my own company and I can’t give up on my own dreams and I don’t want to ever be competition with WWE. I just want to show an alternative product. So, if that happens then cool. I look at House Of Hardcore and half of the people I used or gave breaks to are now in WWE or NXT. So, I love being that for them. Rhyno’s worked for me at almost all my shows and for him to go back to WWE I’m still going to use him. I got him in September and finish him up in October and then he’s full blown with WWE. And you never know, but for me I can’t give up on my own company and i can’t give up on my own dreams.”
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