UFC 200 Complete Review: Tate vs Nunes, Lesnar vs Hunt and more

UFC 200 Complete Review
UFC 200 Complete Review

UFC 200 was the biggest and baddest card ever, as advertised by UFC itself. Yes there was a reason it was the biggest and baddest card ever, you can read see it here Why UFC 200 Card is Biggest, Baddest Card Ever? Complete Card. It was a great event with lot of main event matches in it. As the event is over I am here for a UFC 200 Complete Review. Here is will share UFC 200 Complete Review, Results and match by match analysis to you. So here wo go…

UFC 200 Complete Review

Date: 9th July, 2016

Location: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada


Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Jim Miller defeated Takanori Gomi

Gegard Mousasi defeated Thiago Santos

Jeo Lauzon defeated Diego Sanchez

Fun Fact: All three fight were TKO and finished in the first round.

Preliminary Card (Fox Sports 1)

Sage Northcutt defeated Enrique Marin

T.J. Dillashaw defeated Raphael Assunção

Kelvin Gastelum defeated Johny Hendricks

Julianna Peña defeated Cat Zingano

Fun Fact: All four fight went the 3 round distance and finished via unanimous decision.

Main Card

So here comes the main card every one was waiting for. We start with Cain Velasquez and Travis Brown fight.

Cain Velasquez vs. Travis Brown

We have got two knock out specialists in the middle lets see what happens.

Round 1:

Travis Brown lands a big punch to start with Both fighters share few leg kicks and punches to score some points. I just saw a spinning leg kick from Velasquez (amazing) followed by a series of punches. Travis goes down. Cain is trying to finish the fight while Travis survives the nasty take down. Hard punches by Velasquez, Travis goes down again and this time Velasquez is going for the kill. And referee finishes the fight.

We have a first round KO finish.

Winner: Cain Velasquez  (KO finish)

Review: Cain had hard time finding his form with his injuries and other issues but some how he appears big and shows what a versatile fighter he is, I mean a spinning leg kick.

Miesha Tate vs. Amanda Nunes match promo is shown.

UFC 202 promo featuring Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz 2 that will be live on 20th August.

Conor McGregor is in the crowd and is staring at the camera without blinking, chewing gum and showing his fist. Weird as always.

Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar

Two of the most fast UFC fighters will collide in this battle and both fighters run down toward the octagon.

Round 1:

A very careful start by Aldo, Frankie moves forward and goes for his combinations and lands few punches and kicks. Both of them go for a spinning leg kick at once, creating a dancing move. Aldo lands big punches and kicks at the end of the round.

Round 2:

A mix round for both of them, both had their shots. Aldo is not letting Edgar go for the KO and meanwhile he tags Edgar to score as well. I will give Aldo a slight edge in this round.

Round 3:

A series of strong inside leg kicks by Edgar as he opposes Jose Aldo with the walls. Aldo has not stopped tagging Frankie and he is bleeding from his eye and nose now.

We are in to Round 4 now and Aldo has never lost in these rounds. He is currently 6-0 after 3 rounds.

Round 4:

Frankie is fast but Aldo is one step ahead and is teasing Frankie now. Aldo is constantly hitting Frankie with jabs and strong punches, Frankie must do something big to win the fight. Jose Aldo is messing with Frankie’s face and not letting him finish his any combination and move.

Round 5:

We are in the final round of the fight but there is merely a difference in both men’s speed.

Meanwhile it is announced that “Frankie Edgar is the first fighter in the UFC history to log 6 hours of Octagon time.”

More jabs ad punches from Aldo further opens up Frankie’s face. Edgar is now frustrated because every thing he tries is controlled by Aldo. We go the distance.

Winner: Jose Aldo (New UFC Interim Featherweight Champion) (Unanimous decision)

Review: Jose Aldo proves that he is the best in Featherweight division and will be waiting for Conor McGregor when he returns to his weight class. We will have interesting developments from here on. Edgar needs to go back and prove to be more stronger again.

McGregor trash talks from outside.

UFC History promo is shown how UFC evolved from day one. Great Promo.

Daniel Cormier vs. Anderson Silva

A complete video promo is being played showing how Jon Jones removal, Cormier reaction and Silva’s inclusion in the match. Both fighters only got 48 hours for training for each other.

Round 1:

An early take down from Cormier. He finishes the round right there on the ground. Few shots from Silva from down there but Cormier wins the round without any question.

Round 2:

Silva lands a flying head kick followed by a good punch from Cormier. DC gets another take down and the crowd is starting Boo-ing it. Punches and elbows from top. Referee asks them to get back up. A good last minute exchange between the two.

Round 3:

Kick by Silva and a big punch from DC and a take down as well. DC further scores from the top. Referee brings them back up again with two minute remaining. Silva hurts Cormier big time and Cormier wisely holds him to survive the last minute.

We go the distance. Silva Bow down in respect to Cormier and they both hug. Good to see.

Winner: Daniel Cormier (Unanimous decision)

Review: Both fighters had nearly no time to prepare for each other. 80% of the fight was on the ground and grappling. Cormier had total control over Silva which leads to his victory as well. But hats off to Silva as well who accepted this challenge on short time notice.

We have a ringside interview of Nate Diaz where he talks about UFC 202 and Conor McGregor.

Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt

The Co main event of the night is next.

Round 1:

A slow starting match both fighters don’t want to make any mistake because they know what there opponents are capable of. Lesnar tries for the take down and he gets it. Few point scored by Lesnar, hunt gets back up. But again goes down and strong punches by Lesnar from the top. Lesnar finishes the round with another big take down.

Round 2:

Mark starts the round with a strong over hand punch, take down attempt blocked as well. Few punches by both, but this was a boring round with less events in it.

Round 3:

Hunt starts with strong punch again but Brock takes him down again and follows with a series of big punches from top. Hunt is in trouble, he can’t win the match like this, he must go for the kill. This rounds ends as Lesnar on top.

Winner: Brock Lesnar (Unanimous decision)

Review: I think Brock Lesnar seems a little disappointed even after winning the match. I believe he wanted to finish Mark Hunt and knock him out, what he can not do. But a good fight from Lesnar, he totally controlled Hunt and did not let him do any damage. Mark would be frustrated now.

Miesha Tate vs. Amanda Nunes

It’s time… We have our main event of the night here, next. This is Amanda Nunes first ever 5 round fight.

Round 1:

Both women had their shots early. Take down by Tate but Nunes quickly gets up. Amanda hits a strong knee and jab to Miesha. Another big shot from Amanda, she tags her big time. Miesha is in trouble. Miesha goes down and is trying to escape from Amanda “The Lioness” Nunes. Nunes is going for the win. Miesha’s face is a big mess. Both women are on the ground. Nunes gets Miesha in a rear naked choke. Miesha is tapping out. It is all over.

We have a first round submission finish.

Winner: Amanda Nunes (New Women Bantam Weight Champion) (rear naked choke submission)

Review: Waow !!!! I thought time will be the biggest challenge for Amanda as she had never gone for 5 rounds before an Miesha had gone the distance. But Amanda outclassed Tate in the first round tells how she was planning to not go long in this fight. Tremendous job done by Amanda Nunes, as she tells Dana White that i told you I am gonna beat her and become the new champion. Amanda Nunes is the first Brazilian Women Champion in UFC history.

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This was the UFC 200 Complete Review and short analysis of each match. We had tried to share how the match went from round to round. We had shared UFC 200 Complete Review, Results and match by match analysis to you. If you like the analysis do share it and appreciate us by posting a comment.

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