UFC 200 PPV Results & Thoughts

UFC 200 Complete Review
UFC 200 Complete Review

UFC 200

UFC 200, the biggest night in the history of UFC took place on Saturday night and featured the following card:

Main Card

Miesha Tate vs. Amanda Nunes Title Fight

Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt

Daniel Cormier vs. Anderson Silva

Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar Title Fight

Travis Browne vs. Cain Velasquez


Julianna Pena vs. Cat Zingano

Kelvin Gastelum vs. Johny Hendricks

T.J. Dillashaw vs. Raphael Assuncao

Sage Northcutt vs. Enrique Marin

Joe Lauzon vs. Diego Sanchez

Thiago Santos vs. Gegard Mousasi

Takanori Gomi vs. Jim Miller


Julianna Pena Vs Cat Zingano

Julianna Pena Vs Cat Zingano was a good fight with Cat starting strong and likely winning the first round, where she kept control over Pena while taking a lot of slaps to the side of her face the mounted Pena. She wasn’t really able to push off and rain down some strikes. Zingano displayed some great technique but Julianna Pena took control of the fight in the last couple of rounds despite a couple of great takedowns by Zingano. Pena out wrestled Zingano on the ground and had the majority of control in the last two rounds, earning her the decision victory.

Jim Miller Vs Takanori Gomi

This was an exciting little fight but Jim Miller was able to secure Gomi’s back and earn the TKO win after some ground and pound.

Thiago Santos Vs Gegard Mousasi

Gegard won an exciting round with some vicious ground and pount, knocking out his opponent with a big left hand as Santos was getting back to his feet.

Joe Lauzon Vs Diego Sanchez

Diego can really take some punishment – he seemed to be knocked out on his feet for a while before the referee stopped the fight to save him from eating many more right hands from Lauzon who looked really good here.

This is the first time that Diego has been stopped by strikes.

Sage Northcutt Vs Enrique Marin

Sage showed a lot of heart and determination by not tapping to a brutal looking arm bar in this fight, in contrast with his last fight in which many thought he tapped out too early. It looked to me that at the end of the fight, Enrique Marin was the winner but the decision victory went to Sage Northcutt.

TJ Dillashaw Vs Raphael Assuncao

TJ scored the unanimous decision from the judges after the 3rd round to score the win over Assuncao who has a previous win over Dillashaw from a couple of years ago. This was a hard fight for both guys with neither really able to take a clear advantage over the other, they traded kicks and punches. Dillashaw scored a takedown in round three which may have secure the fight for him.

Kelvin Gastelum Vs Johny Hendricks

I expected Johny Hendricks and Kelvin to each go for more takedowns but they instead mainly had a standing war with Kelvin landing the majority of strikes and Johny not really doing a good job of avoiding or blocking them. Kelvin was the clear winner after the third round when it went to the judges and he won a unanimous decision victory over Hendricks.

On to the main card…

Cain Velasquez Vs Travis Browne

Cain looked great here, back to his old dominent form as he punched Travis repeatedly in the face to earn the win at the end of the first round after Travis went down and the referee stopped the fight.

Travis held on longer than many guys would be able to, but the onslaught was just too much for him to take. Cain wins after first round stoppage.

Interim Featherweight Title: Jose Aldo Vs Frankie Edgar

Before losing to Conor McGregor in the first few second of the first round, Jose Aldo was undefeated for over 10 years.

After a five round battle, Jose Aldo had his hand raised, scoring an unanimous victory over Frankie. Jose started off very tentatively considering the way his last fight went but started to gain dominence from the second round. Frankie wasn’t able to take him down and he also lost the stand up war between the two men. Although Frankie tried his best and worked hard to gain the advantage, gain a take down and punch his oppenent, Jose just always seemed to be ahead of him, landing more strikes with more behind them and stopping any take down attempt. Jose fought this fight like he had a lot to prove after his embarrassing lose to Conor last month.
Jose Aldo is the new Interim Featherweight Champion.

Daniel Cormier Vs Anderson Silva

Credit to Anderson Silva for taking this fight at such short notice after Jon Jones was removed from the card due to a doping violation. The story of all three rounds was that Daniel Cormier was able to take Anderson Silva down and hold him there, securing the advantage and winning all three rounds. The crowd were chanting “Stand them up” to the ref at one point, which he did, but Anderson just wasn’t able to avoid the take downs and couldn’t improve his position once Cormier was on top of him. Near the end of the third round, Anderson nailed Daniel with a liver kick which really hurt him but he was able to hold on to Anderson for the last seconds of the final round.

The winner after three rounds was Daniel Cormier by Unanimous Decision.
Although Daniel Cormier fought a smart fight and did what he needed to do to win the fight, it’s a shame that there wasn’t more to the fight to make it a little more entertaining.

Brock Lesnar Vs Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt is a dangerous man, known for his walk-off knockouts, he seems to be able to knock guys out without much effort, his hands touch chins and the guys connected to those chins go to sleep for a while and he’s walking off with the certain win before they hit the ground….

Brock Lesnar scored a take down in the first round but Mark was able to reach his feet. Brock was doing well to avoid and block any of Mark’s big right hands and his movement looked great.

In the second round, Mark was able to avoid the takedowns but was unable to land any significant blows to Lesnar. In the final round, Brock was able to take Mark down and keep him down long enough for some great ground and pound which Hunt wasn’t able to do anything about other than hold on to Lesnar and wait for the round to be over.
The winner of the fight by Unanimous Decision: Brock Lesnar! Brock is back with an impressive win over a very tough opponent.


Women’s Bantamweight Title: Miesha Tate Vs Amanda Nunes

Amanda started the first round quickly and Miesha was in a lot of trouble early on with what looked like a busted or broken nose. Nunes was pretty relentless with her offence and strikes, sensing that the Champion was hurt. She was able to secure Miesha’s back and earned the tap out victory with a choke. Nunes is the new Bantamweight Champion.

Looking back at UFC 200, it was an enjoyable night of action.

It’s a shame that the Miesha Tate / Amanda Nunes fight didn’t last longer than it did and it’s a shame that the originally scheduled fight between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones needed to be changed and the replacement fight wasn’t as exciting with Cormier laying on top of his opponent for most of the fight.

Many MMA fans were surprised that Brock was able to beat Mark Hunt after being away from the Octagan for 5 years so his win was especially impressive here.

Can you see him now?

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