UFC 201: Looking at Robbie Lawler Vs Tyron Woodley

Robbie Lawler Vs Tyron Woodley UFC 201

Robbie Lawler Vs Tyron Woodley UFC 201
Robbie Lawler Vs Tyron Woodley UFC 201


Last night UFC 201 took place from the Philips Arena in Atlanta Georga and the main event was Robbie Lawler defending his Welterweight Title against Tyron Woodley.

Going into the fight it was known that Robbie Lawler had lots of experience in five round fights while Woodley starts fights strong but lose some of that speed as the fight progresses.

What we saw last night was the fastest fight in UFC Welterweight history as Woodley scored the Knock Out blow as soon as they exchanged punches after a cautious start from both men. The knock out came at the 2 minute, 12 second point of the fight.

After the fight a defeated Lawler said that Woodley faked a left and when he reacted to it he got hit with the right which took him out of the fight.

It was in many ways a disappointing conclusion to a highly hyped fight that many fans were looking forward to watching as it was over so quickly.

Before the fight, Woodley said that he had been watching a lot of Mohammad Ali fights and about how Ali envisioned himself as the greatest before it actually happened and how he was doing the same.

If this fight is anything to go by, Woodley very well may be considered to be one of – or maybe even the greatest Welterweight of all time when the history books are written.

Please check out the full UFC 201 results here: UFC 201 Results: Tyron Woodley knocks down Ruthless Robbie Lawler

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