UFC 203 results: CM Punk lost to Mickey Gall in his MMA debut match


We all have been waiting for CM Punk UFC debut since November 2014 since when CM Punk joined UFC and said he will be in the octagon soon. There was no doubt in the talent and skill set of CM Punk and the way he has reached heights in WWE. At last it was announced that CM Punk will face Mickey gall at UFC 203. Here we are after the event to analyze UFC 203 result of CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall match, who was the most discussed match of the evening.

How did CM Punk approached towards the octagon?

I think it was a pride, confident and obvious walk that he always had since his career in WWE. CM Punk is not just a talent i has the guts and skills to talk, act and perform.

For a moment i looked that he has lost a lot of weight to fall in this category and when i checked i got to know that he cut his weight from 220 to 170. Also he is 37 years old so it is not easy to cut weight at this stage of life and for a MMA fight it is even difficult.

Was CM Punk even aggressive through the match?

YES he was for the first 2 seconds and then was taken down. I think that was wrong move and Punk should had avoided it. CM Punk game should have been to stand tall and go for punches and kicks to earn a KO or decision victory. We knew once the take down is attempted Punk is in trouble.

He must not have done that Mickey Gall got the chance and he capitalized on it and just victimized Punk for stepping foot against him in the octagon.

Did he already prepared a losing speech?

The Speech. Although he lost he had a significant and motivated speech. I am starting to think that whether he had already prepared the speech? The way he spoke and gave motivation i felt that he had been preparing 2 years for it. Great words from a great mouth  but we hope to see more action from him in the future. Well that was an excellent speech.

Let wait and see what is next for CM Punk in UFC next. To stay updated and read more interesting stories always check our Facebook, Twitter and Google pages.

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