Video: Watch Top Brock Lesner UFC Moments before you see UFC 200


Brock Lesner was enjoying his luxurious contract with WWE and having great matches around as well. And Suddenly came in the Season of UFC 200 came. Dana White is a business personal and he did not wanted this occasion to slip away. Brock Lesner had a splendid run in UFC, attracting thousands of new visitors and viewers. There have been quite some top Brock Lesner UFC Moments witnessed and recorded in the camera.

As the UFC 200 was getting closer, Dana White wanted huge names in his UFC PPV list. He contacted WWE and Brock Lesner for appearance at UFC 200. It is now already offficial Brock Lesner will be fighting Mark Hunt at UFC 200.

You can read the complete interview of Brock Lesner about UFC 200, Mark Hunt and other.

Before this amazing event, we thought why not share some awesome and top Brock Lesner UFC moments that people might have forgotten. You must know that he completely dominated the octagon.

See some awesome replay’s from Brock Lesner UFC career to see what a beast he was in Octagon as well.

These are some of the top brock lesner ufc moments:

His UFC record till now is:

Total:                                  8 Matches

Wins:                                  5 (2 KO, 2 Submissions, 1 Decision)

Losses:                               3 (2 KO, 1 submission)

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