WWE Battleground 2016 Breakdown By David Dexter

WWE Battleground 2016 Breakdown By David Dexter
WWE Battleground 2016 Breakdown By David Dexter

Looking ahead to this Sunday’s WWE Battleground, here’s my breakdown for the event.
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WWE’s Battleground PPV takes place on 24th July at the Verizon center in Washington DC.

It will be the first PPV to take place after the brand split.

Here is the complete card for the event:

Dean Ambrose © vs Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns for the WWE championship.

The Miz © vs Darren Young for the WWE Intercontinental championship.

Rusev © vs Zack Ryder for the WWE US championship.

John Cena, Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs The Club.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs Sasha Banks and a mystery partner.

The New Day vs the Wyatt Family.

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn.

Becky Lynch vs Natalya.

Chris Jericho’s highlight reel with Randy Orton.

Let’s look at the matches in a little more detail….



Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins Vs Roman Reigns.

This is the long awaited match between all three members of The Shield for the WWE Championship and it should be a good match.

It will be Roman’s first match back since his suspension. His last match since Money In The Bank and last on-screen appearance since the Raw following The Money In The Bank PPV.

I think they will take the Championship off Dean Ambrose here. They haven’t really been booking him as a strong Champion, more of a fluke Champion – he won the belt by blasting Seth Rollins with the MITB case after he had been in a hard fought match with Roman Reigns so he didn’t fairly beat either of them to become Champion and I think this will be the night that he will be relieved of the Championship. Matches and segments featuring Dean Ambrose as Champion have been mid-card and never in the main event portions of Raw which is a telling sign.

The match itself should be a good one and I think that Seth Rollins will become the new WWE Champion by pinning Dean Ambrose.

The WWE Roster Draft took place this week which saw Dean Ambrose moving to Smack Down and Seth and Roman will be permenantly on Raw. It will be interesting to see if the brand that no longer has the Championship will create another. A part of me is thinking that this match may end with a controversy with each brand claiming to have the World Champion, leading to another belt being made.

The Miz Vs Darren Young

This match for the Intercontinental Championship was made after Darren Young won a battle royal on Raw…. It’s a really misguided attempt by WWE to push someone that no one cares about. Darren Young isn’t good in the ring. Putting him with Bob Backland to “make Darren Young great again” may be good for little comedy video packages but that’s about it. The Miz and Darren Young are going to have a horrible match here, they are both very limited and we can only hope that it doesn’t get much time. The shorter time it has, the better it will be. Neither of these guys deserve to be Intercontinental Champion but as The Miz is already the champ, the best we can wish for is a quick roll up by the Miz as soon as the bell rings for the rapid pinfall. Anything more than this will not be good.

Rusev Vs Zack Ryder

I may not know or remember the entire circumstances behind this match but I believe that with a couple of wins over Sheamus, Zack Ryder challenged Rusev for the US Championship and Rusev accepted. I’m assuming that Rusev will beat Ryder easily but it would create a feel-good moment for the fans in attendance if Zack Ryder beats Rusev and wins the belt. Could this be the start of a serious push for Ryder? It seems unlikely but we’ll see.

Cena, Amore & Cass Vs The Club

It’s a shame that Cena came back to the company at all. It’s worse still that he keeps being in matches with AJ Styles because it means that I skip them. Cena is the most irritating performer in the history of the business and nothing which involves him is worth watching at all. Only since AJ Styles came into WWE and started working with Cena have I ever considered one of his matches to be a toilet break.  Cena can kill interest for me in anyone he works with, he’s that bad and irritating and his bad performance level and act was already too much in 2006 and here we are in 2016 and he’s still doing the same old s*** in the same old order but he’s just older and slower now and he’s also more deaf because he now calls out every spot in the match before it happens so loudly that everyone in the back row knows what’s about it happen.  Wrestling fans chanting “Cena ’nuff” was over 10 years ago and they still try to force us to see this crap.  This is a toilet break match.

Charlotte and Dana Vs Sasha & Mystery partner

It will be interesting to see who Sasha’s mystery partner will be. It could be the debut of someone from NXT, maybe Bailey?

With Charlotte and Sasha involved, I’m sure this match will be good even if it doesn’t get as much attention and time as it deserves.

The New Day Vs The Wyatt Family

These two teams met in what is known with fans as “Final Deletion 2” – a brawl in Wyatt’s home with special effects to make the footage look more gritty and water damaged for some reason. It wasn’t done as well as TNA’s version and was so comically over-produced with lots of different camera cuts, editing special effects which were constant and terrible lighting so that it was difficult to follow or see what was happening. It ended with both teams looking at each other. It was difficult to know what the company intended to accomplish with it to be honest, but whatever it was, I think it’s safe to say that they failed. However, that brawling segment leads to this match at Battleground and I think this should be a good match between these six guys. If it becomes a no-DQ match it will be even better. I’m thinking that Wyatts will win this match as it will likely be the first match in a series of matches between them.

Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn

This will be the best match of the night. There’s obviously a lot of history between these two guys going back to their days as a team and feuding with each other in CZW and ROH. They have been friends for a long time. In NXT, the heat between them ignited again when Kevin Owens attacked Zayn and beat him for the NXT Title, turning into one of the best heels in the business before starting on WWE’s main roster. Sami would have a little longer to wait until he was healed from shoulder surgery to permanently join Owens on the main roster. Although the two have clashed on Raw and Smack Down, at The Royal Rumble and Money In The Bank, this match is being promoted as the last match between the two for a while and if WWE allow it, they will easily steal the show.

Becky Lynch Vs Natalya

This should be a good match between these two talented wrestlers. The story behind the match is that Nattie attacked Becky after they lost a tag match two Charlotte and Dana. I’m not sure if I’m missing out some of the details or if WWE haven’t really put much detail into it but the commentators keep saying that there’s animosity there and they keep attacking each other when they see each other. Becky wants revenge for being attacked at the end of their tag match. Natalya works well as heel and I hope they get time to have the great match they are capable of having.

Chris Jericho Highlight Reel with Randy Orton.

Okay, that time I said I wish that Becky and Natalya have – I wish they had this time too. I don’t know why they are putting a bad Raw segment on a PPV. Randy Orton promos are always boring. It doesn’t matter if he’s been out with another injury for ages and we haven’t seen him for a while – Randy Orton talking is never going to be worth watching on free TV so it’s definitely not worthy of being a PPV segment even if Jericho is involved to hold the thing together.

Will Brock Lesnar come out to attack Orton before their announced SummerSlam match? I think it’s unlikely but if it does happen, I hope it happens quickly before Randy Orton forces us all into a coma with another boring promo.

Overall, there’s a lot of filler on this event but there’s also a few matches I’m looking forward to seeing.

The New Day Vs The Wyatts has potential to be good. Becky Vs Nattie has the potential to be really good. Roman Vs Dean Vs Seth should be good – they will get given a good amount of time and the use of many near-falls in the main event position for this match to be at least good – and Sami Vs Kevin Owens should steal the show. Based only on these matches, I’m looking forward to watching WWE Battleground, even if I have a lot of pressing the fast forward button to do to get to what I want to watch.

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