WWE Money In The Bank PPV Full Review & PPV Thoughts


WWE Money In The Bank 2016

Kick Off Show

Renee Young, Booker T, Lita and Corey Graves hype the matches for WWE Money In The Bank.


R-Truth & Goldust Vs Fandango & Tyler Breeze

Before this match a comedy video package was shown with Goldust and R-Truth turning up the time on the tanning booth Fandango and Tyler were inside, causing them to get burned. They were then shown rubbing banana on their skin and in pain from the overexposure to the tanning rays. They were trying to pose for homoerotic photos but in a lot of pain with their skin peeling.

Goldust and R-Truth posed for photos with them, slapping their red skin for the photos in comedic style leading to the match. I know a lot of children watch WWE but I personally hate this kind of thing.

Fandango and Tyler come into the match with the fake over-tanning and flaking skin, looking in agony. Goldust and R-Truth chop them, rake their backs and slap them and sell the fake tan throughout this little match. They briefly take control and work over Truth but Goldust gets the tag and pins Fandango after hitting The Final Cut. The Golden Truth celebrate their first victory as a team. Mauro jokes that Fandango and Tyler “Feel the burn”.

Winner: The Golden Truth (Goldust and R-Truth)

Natalya & Becky Lynch have a short sit-down promo backstage

Becky says she was inspired by Dynamite Kid, Bret Hart and Mick Foley growing up and Nattie says that she was influenced by Bret Hart and Macho Man Randy Savage.
They talk about Charlotte double-crossing everyone he has known and put over being really close to each other. Natalya respects Becky and Becky says that Nattie keeps her heart pumping.

The Dudleys Vs The Lucha Dragons

Bubba Ray pushes Kalisto around to start the match. Kalisto and Sin Cara leap out of the ring on to The Dudleys but the Dudley cut them off when they try a double team move from the top turnbuckles and then they go into a break. When we come back from the break, The Dudleys are double teaming Sin Cara and cutting off the ring. Sin Cara drop kicks Bubba out of nowhere as he mocks him with the “Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!” chants. Kalisto gets the hot tag. The Dudleys survive his aerial offence and hit the Doomsday Device but Sin Cara breaks up the pin. Kalisto avoids a charging D-Von who takes out Bubba. Kalisto hits the Salida Del Sol on Bubba and Sin Cara tags in and follows it up with a Dragon Bomb and pins him to gain the victory for his team. They didn’t have much time but this match was good for the short amount of time they had.

Winner: The Lucha Dragons

WWE Money In The Bank Main Show

Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way

The New Day Vs The Club Vs The Vaudevillains Vs Enzo & Cass

I thought this match was a bit of a cluster with some clumsy brawling and botch spots like Enzo selling before being hit with Kofi’s Enzuigiri.

Big E Speared Simon Gotch from the ring apron to the outside in what was the best spot in the match.

Towards the end of the match, The Club hit Aiden English with their Magic Killer finish. Big E interrupts the pinfall Karl Anderson has, with Luke Gallows standing right there and hoists Anderson up on to his shoulder and makes the tag to Kofi. Luke Gallows does nothing, just stares at him and then turns his attention to Big Cass and he gets kicked over the top rope. Big Cass follows him out. Kofi Kingston and Big E take out Anderson and Kofi gets the pin on Aiden English who was still down from the Magic Killer move by The Club.

Still Tag Champions are The New Day….

Winner: The New Day

Although it wasn’t horrible and there was some good spots in the match, it was a little clumsy in places. To be fair, eight guys were involved and half of them don’t have too much experience so all things considered, the match went well.

Kevin Owens…. Chris Jericho….. Alberto Del Rio…. Really good backstage promo!

Dolph Ziggler Vs Baron Corbin

Corbin was in control of much of the match early on but wasn’t able to score the pinfall. Dolph hit the Fameasser and Corbin rolled out of the ring before Ziggler could hit Sweet Chin Music. Ziggler stumbled trying to run up the steps and Corbin thankfully caught him and hit him with Deep Six outside the ring. Back inside, Corbin beat up Dolph with big right hands. Ziggler reversed End Of Days and hit Corbin with a Superkick and went for the pinfall for a count of two. Ziggler was caught climbing the turnbuckles and attempts a Superplex but Dolph fights out. Corbin strikes Dolph causing him to fall off the top rope and hits End Of Days to score the pinfall.

Winner: Baron Corbin

I liked this match and thought it was the best in the series of matches they have had together.

It’s a shame they didn’t have a little longer as it was going well and would have benefited from having more time. Dolph didn’t really have much chance to do much of his offence for example.

Women Tag Team Match

Charlotte & Dana Vs Nattie & Becky Lynch

Natalya & Becky hit the Hart Attack on Dana early in the match. Charlotte gets in the ring and quickly takes control over Nattie after Dana pulls her leg from the outside . Charlotte and Dana tag in and out for a short time, working over Natalya. Becky tries to come in the ring and accidentally distracts the referee before she gets the hot tag. I think this was a little rushed and the hot tag would have been a lot hotter and worked more had Nattie been double teamed for at least a few more minutes / had her attempts to tag out been thwarted a couple more times before tagging out. Becky takes down Charlotte and Dana. She hits a Bexploder Suplex on Charlotte for a 2 count after Dana breaks up the pinfall. Becky hits a nice Double missile drop-kick and covers Charlotte for another 2 count. Nattie asks for the tag and they try to double suplex Charlotte but she escapes and kicks Becky in the face. She rolls up Nattie for a 2 count. Dana breaks up a Sharpshooter and throws Becky hard into Nattie, they both go down. Charlotte nails Nattie with the Natural Selection and gets the win for her team.

Winner: Charlotte & Dana Brooker

Good match but I feel it really needed a little more time and felt rushed overall.

After the match Nattie surprise attacks Becky from behind and ground and pounds on her before leaving the ring. This looked really good.

AJ Styles on the Stone Cold Podcast commercial…..

Dean Ambrose backstage promo….

Dean Ambrose says there’s no fear, no hesitation, that MITB case belongs to him….

Sheamus Vs Apollo Cruz

Sheamus attacks Apollo to start the match. Cruz clotheslines him over the top rope. Sheamus backbreaker on the outside, throws him back in the ring and hits a couple Clotheslines and kicks.

Sheamus applies a Sleeper hold. Sheamus Rolling Senton for a two count. Apollo rolls up Sheamus for two. Running Clotheslines, a corner Splash and an Enzuigi on Sheamus for a two count.
Apollo overhead Belly-to-Belly suplexes Sheamus to the outside and Moonsault off the apron to the outside. Angle Slam by Apollo gets a two count. Sheamus catches Apollo with a big Slam. Sheamus catches Apollo on the turnbuckles and hits The White Noise from the second turnbuckle inside. Apollo kicks out at 2 and grabs him in a Crucifix pin for the win while Sheamus was arguing with the referee.

Winner: Sheamus

This match was fine, it served it’s purpose in putting Apollo over Sheamus while still protecting Sheamus somewhat with the quick surprise win.

Dream Match

AJ Styles Vs John Cena

Okay, I don’t usually watch John Cena match or anything he’s involved in. For the sake of this article, I’m going to kinda scan through it and see what’s happening but I’m not going to spend much time on it.  Immediately John Cena is calling out spots SO LOUD it’s crazy. You know every spot that’s going to happen before it does because Cena literally shouts it out at the top of his voice.

The worst arm drags I’ve ever seen by Cena. Funny / silly selling from Cena from a right hand by Styles. Awful attempted punches by Cena, they look so fake.

Cena’s on the outside and Styles hits a flying forearm. Cena’s doing that no-pressure STF comedy spot. They are on the Turnbuckles and Cena’s calling out spots SO LOUD. Referee gets knocked down by Style’s feet while in Cena’s Airplane Spin Slam…. The Club get into the ring, hit the Magic Killer and  AJ Styles gets the pinfall win…. Cena protected from the loss by the run-in…. Nothing protected AJ Styles from the fake looking crap Cena was doing all the way through the match.

Winner: AJ Styles

 I couldn’t watch the whole match but from what I saw there’s no reason I’d want to watch a match this bad with Cena calling out Spots at the top of his lungs and doing all the fake looking stuff he’s known for…. Bad match due to Cena being Cena. No Cena match is ever worth watching.

Please check out Talha’s thoughts on the match here:
What AJ Styles proved against John Cena at Money in the Bank 2016.

MITB Ladder Match

Chris Jericho Vs Dean Ambrose Vs Kevin Owens Vs Alberto Del Rio Vs Cesaro Vs Sami Zayn

I am a fan of all these guys and I’m really looking forward to this match.

Too many cool things happened in this match to list them all but highlights include Alberto and Cesaro trading Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreakers, Cesaro European Uppercutting everyone before running into a Superkick by Kevin Owens and sent face first into a ladder….. Cannonballs by Owens and Helluva Kicks by Zayn…. Del Rio almost beheading Ambrose with a ladder… Alberto Double Stomps Cesaro into a ladder….. Double Stomp off the ladder into Jericho….. Cesaro Springboard Uppercut from the Ladder….. Zayn and Jericho knocked off the ladder and into the ropes by Owens who gets caught off the ladder with a Back Stabber by Del Rio. Cesaro Big Swing on Alberto and Jericho who get sent head first into a ladder. Ambrose with an elbow off the ladder on to Cesaro.

Kevin Owens Frog Splashes Ambrose from the top rope after placing him on a ladder. Sami Zayn Michinoku Drivers Owens onto the side of a ladder. Del Rio punishes Zayn with a ladder to stop him from reaching the MITB contract. All six men fight up two ladders placed in the middle of the ring. Alberto and Cesaro take a fall after their ladder is pushed over. Del Rio takes a bad fall and Cesaro gets crotched on the top ropes. Zayn almost has the case but Jericho just stops him. Jericho almost has the case but Ambrose stops him and DDTs him. Owens Powerbombs Zayn on a ladder and goes for the MITB case. He brawls with Ambrose on top of the ladder…. Owens falls back on to another ladder and Ambrose takes the case and wins the MIB match….

Winner: Dean Ambrose

This was a very good MITB match. Everyone worked hard and there was a lot of really good spots, the pacing of the match was really good and there was a lot of originality here too for a stipulation match that has been done a lot of times now. I really enjoyed his match!

Renee Young, Booker T , Lita and Corey Graves are talking about some of the matches we’ve seen.

US Title Match

Rusev Vs Titus O’Neal

I forgot about this match…. It was disappointing to remember it….. the match starts outside with a Double Clothesline. Titus sends Rusev into the barrier in front of his sons who are in the front row.

This match is slow and boring and I wish the time could have been given to one of the other matches instead. Chinlock by Rusev…. ZZZZZ….. I skip a bit of the match before I fall into a coma…. Rusev eventually gets a Camel Clutch on Titus…. Titus taps out….

Winner by Submission and still US Champ…. Rusev….

I thought this was a pretty boring match. Titus is one of the worst wrestlers ever…..

This was always going to be bad.

WWE Title Match

Roman Reigns Vs Seth Rollins

Roman and Seth have a good brawl which spills to the outside. Roman bounces Seth’s head against the announce table. Seth gets in and out of the ring trying to escape Roman. Seth drives Roman into the steps to gain the advantage but gets caught on the top rope. Roman hits a great Razors Edge into a sit-down Powerbomb. Seth avoids a Superman Punch and strikes him with a spinning Enzuigiri and dropkick to Reigns out of the ring. Suicide Dives through and over the ropes take Roman down. Back inside the ring, Seth hits Roman with a Sling Blade for a two count. Seth avoids a Superman punch. Roman reverses a Pedigree attempt.

Superman Punch on Seth gets a two count. Seth avoids a Spear, Springboards a knee to Roman and hits a Frog Splash from the top rope gets a count of two. Seth Rollins gets Turnbuckle Powerbomb and kicks Roman in the face for the count of two. Reigns gets SuperPlexed off the top rope and into the Falcon Arrow for another two count. Roman fights out of a Pedigree attempt and hits a nice sit-down powerbomb but Seth kicks out before the three count. Another Turnbuckle Bomb by Seth but Roman responds with a Superman Punch and both guys are down.

The fans start chanting “We want Ambrose….”

Roman chases Seth outside but Seth avoids a Spear and Roman hits the barricade hard.
Back in the ring Roman avoids the Pedigree and Spears Rollins for a two.

Roman runs towards Rollins for a Spear but Seth counters it into a pedigree….. Roman kicks out at two…. Seth Rollins hits another Pedigree and gets a three count on Roman…..

The New WWE World Champion….. Seth Rollins….

While he celebrates, Dean Ambrose‘ music hits and Rollins looks toward the ramp. Dean appears behind him and smashes him in the head with the case. Ambrose is cashing in his MITB…. Ambrose hits the Dirty Deeds DDT on Seth….
The New WWE World Champion….. Dean Ambrose

This was a really good match in my opinion. Seth and Roman worked really well together.
The surprise of Dean Ambrose hitting the ring and winning the WWE World Title was very well done and made a lot of fans very happy to see him win the WWE World Championship for the first time.

Overall, WWE Money In The Bank had some good and some bad – I especially liked the MITB match and the Main Event but I felt that the other matches on the card could have benefited with more time – If they could have removed the Cena and Titus O’Neal matches and given the time that they had to the other matches on the card, this could have been a really great PPV but those two matches dragged the quality of the whole event down a lot and some matches like the Tag Title match, Dolph Ziggler Vs Corbin and the Women’s tag match would have been really good with more time.

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