My Thoughts On WWE Raw 4.7.2016

My Thoughts On WWE Raw

My Thoughts On WWE Raw

My Thoughts On WWE Raw 4.7.2016

Raw started with a big July 4th Food Fight which was a bit stupid if I’m being honest.

I guess it could be seen as light hearted fun so if you like that kind of thing, then it was fine.

Lillian Garcia singing the National Anthem – I skipped it, not very interesting to me.

Enzo and Cass – I skipped their talking and watched a short, nothing match they had with Curtis Axel, Heath Slater and Bo Dallas who were just jobbers here.

Charlotte cut a really good promo on Sasha Banks, who also came to the ring to have words with Charlotte but to me she just didn’t seem as convincing as Charlotte and needs to work on her promos. Maybe it was the material that let her down but she said something about being the Boss because her clothing is the realist, whatever that means.

The World Champion Dean Ambrose Vs Intercontinental Champion The Miz…. This match was Champion Vs Champion but it lacked any kind of big match feel and just seemed like a random mid-card match or a match on WWE Superstars. It was just a nothing match with a commercial break in the middle. Ambrose won with the Dirty Deeds DDT.

After beating The Miz, Ambrose joined the commentary team to watch the next match….

Seth Rollins Vs Dolph Ziggler – These guys could have a excellent match but this was just a short little TV match without any false finishes or anything to make it special or worth remembering. Dolph went for the Zig Zag, Seth held on to the ropes and then hit a Pedigree for the win. It’s a shame because they could have had a breathtaking match if given the time and opportunity. The match existed mainly to put Seth Rollins over quickly leading to him cutting a promo on the announcers table in front of one of his opponents at Battleground, the World Champion Dean Ambrose. Rollins was put through a table by Ambrose with the Dirty Deeds DDT before he walked to the back.

The Wyatts cut a promo on New Day and invited them to join them in their compound. Later on in the night, The New Day accepted the challenge although Xavier Woods questioned his partners on whether it was such a smart thing to do or not. New Day want to give comedy and positivity to the Wyatts for some reason. Isn’t this wrestling – you know where guys want to beat up other guys rather than spreading comedy and positivity to them? This is WWE’s kind of storytelling I guess so we’ll go along with it….

Vicky Guerrero suddenly started talking…. I skipped the segment as fast as I could, she almost finished the word “Excuse…” before I skipped that crap in a hurry.

I don’t watch Vicky Guerrero segments or listen to that horrible voice at all under any circumstances.

Enzo and Cass advertised some kind of American fast food “Sonic Boom” burgers and hotdogs.

The Vaudevillains Vs Golden Truth.
This was another very short match. Golden Truth won with their “Solid Gold” finisher. Fandango and Tyler Breeze were sitting at ringside and watching the match.

Becky Lynch Vs Summer Rae – Summer Rae is awful in the ring. During this short match she only had a couple of moves to get right, one of which was a Suplex. She botched the Suplex, dropping Becky on her head. Thankfully Becky wasn’t badly hurt. Please keep Summer Rae out of the ring! Even if she doesn’t injure anyone, she just sucks really bad and nothing good will come out of a Summer Rae match.

Some kind of Cena segment happened but I skipped it as soon as his annoying music started. I don’t watch anything that involves Cena, any time, under any circumstances.

16 man Elimination Match for the main event.

The Big Show, Dudleys, Kane, Zack Ryder, Mark Henry, Jack Swagger, Apollo

Vs Chris Jericho, Sami Zayn, Del Rio, Sheamus, Kevin Owens, Cesaro & Lucha Dragons.

There were some entertaining moments like the exchanges between Swagger and Cesaro and some disappointing moments like Bully Ray being pinned after being in the ring for a few seconds by Kalisto. Kevin Owens was eliminated by DQ for using a chair on Sami Zayn, one of his partners was a little curious and then Kane was eliminated for using a chair on Kevin Owens who had already been eliminated which was also a little curious…. Jericho was pinned after Big Show’s big right hand KO punch….. It came down to Big Show and Zack Ryder Vs Sheamus eventually and Ryder scored the pin for his team…. Team USA needed to win on the 4th of July show but Big Show and Zack Ryder? I don’t even remember how Swagger got eliminated but I associate him more with wearing the Stars and Stripes and a win here could have been the start of a new push for him which I would have liked.

I didn’t think this was a good Raw at all, there was nothing really worth watching in my opinion.

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