The New Era Week 2: WWE Raw Vs WWE Smack Down

The New Era Week One: WWE Raw Vs WWE Smack Down
The New Era Week One: WWE Raw Vs WWE Smack Down

The New Era Week 2: WWE Raw Vs WWE Smack Down


1st / August / 2016

They started with a recap of the week before but the Urban pop music was so irritating I had to skip it. It’s okay, I think I remember what happened – Sasha beat Charlotte in a good match to become Womens Champion, there were a couple of Fatal 4-Way matches to determine the guy to face Seth Rollins for the new Universal Championship at SummerSlam. Roman and Finn Balor won their respective Fatal 4-Ways and Finn beat Roman in the main event meaning that he moves on to face Rollins at SummerSlam. You see, I remember last week’s show just fine and I get to skip the urban pop music recap without missing anything.

Raw also debuted a new theme tune last week and it’s okay – it gives the show an updated feel along with the new intro video.

The era of #WomensWrestling


Charlotte & Jericho Vs Sasha & Enzo

Raw started with an in-ring segment with new Women’s Champion Sasha and Enzo / Charlotte and Chris Jericho. When it was just Sasha and Charlotte it was fine but as soon as Enzo came down the whole thing turned to some kind of misguided comedy routine where Enzo and Sasha were flirting with each other and Jericho was Charlotte best friend out of nowhere – the whole thing just didn’t make any sense to me for Jericho and Enzo to be involved.

“He’s a Certified G … I’m a Certified GM … we’re practically BROTHERS!” – @RealMickFoley #RAW – WWE

Mick Foley interrupted the segment finally – but not soon enough – and made a mixed tag match out of it – It was fine for what it was but a weak way to start the first match of the second WWE Raw since the Draft in my opinion.

When a #CertifiedG and a #LegitBoss team up… you just CAN’T go wrong! @SashaBanksWWE @WWEAaLLday21 #RAW

“I believe that is THE END!” – @FightOwensFight

#NaturalSelection wins it for @MsCharlotteWWE & @IAmJericho! #RAW – WWE

“I’d rather have a 10-hour root canal than deal with @BraunStrowman!” – @WWEGraves #RAW

I think I’d rather have a root canal than watch Braun Strowman.

Braun Strowman has another enhancement match and he wins with a reverse chokeslam.

Golden Truth Vs The Shining Stars

The story of the match was R-Truth was so interested in playing Pokemon Go that he wasn’t paying attention and didn’t make the tag, leading to The Shining Stars pinning Goldust. I kid you not.

WrestleCrap have a new chapter for their next book.

Seth Rollins and Finn Balor had a face to face confrontation in the ring – each claiming to be the one that will leave SummerSlam as the Champion.

“The only thing you’re going to have handed to you at @SummerSlam … is YOUR ASS!” – @WWEBalor #RAW

“Last week … I EARNED my opportunity. You had yours HANDED to you!” – @WWEBalor to @WWERollins #RAW

A sneak attack by @WWERollins is thwarted by @WWEBalor’s kicks, sending Rollins to the floor! #RAW

“I’ve made some renovations to the #HallOfPain, and it’s time for a RE-OPENING!” – @TheMarkHenry #RAW

Mark Henry Vs Rusev

Henry told Stephanie and Mick Foley that he wanted to wrestle in a backstage promo earlier in the night and was booked in this match. Really I felt like I was watching King Kong Bundy Vs Tugboat in slow motion so I hit fast forward…. It looked like Rusev made Henry submit with the Camel Clutch and Roman Reigns came down to make the save…. I guess they are moving towards Roman Vs Rusev at SummerSlam for the US Championship. I hope Roman takes the belt away from Rusev because his matches are so boring.



Darren Young Vs Titus!??? I hit fast forward as quickly as I could.

@NiaJaxWWE returns to @WWE #RAW LIVE TONIGHT on @USA_Network!

Nia Jax enahancement match. Nia looks like she’s been putting on weight since her days in NXT. Those tires around her waist seem to be getting more chunky with each week that passes. I wish her ability would increase at the same rate.

Great promo by Sami Zayn backstage on his match with Seth Rollins in the main event.

EXCLUSIVE: Much to #TheNewDay’s dismay, they’re competing in a HUGE Tag Team Match TONIGHT on @WWE #RAW! – WWE

New Day Vs Anderson & Gallows

This match didn’t last long at all – either that or didn’t press play in time while Raw was on fast forward – I don’t watch New Day’s entrance or promos – I think Karl Anderson got pinned by Big E after Kofi grabbed his leg from the outside.

@XavierWoodsPhD heads back to the locker room. It’s only @TrueKofi and @WWEBigE vs. Gallows & Anderson on #RAW – WWE

@WWECesaro takes on @WWESheamus with a future title considerations on the line, LIVE NOW on #RAW on @USA_Network! – WWE

Cesaro Vs Sheamus

This match happened and it was okay. Cesaro is one of my favorite wrestlers but I don’t know that he and Sheamus really clicked here or maybe the match was rushed too much. Cesaro won which I was pleased about.

GOTCH [email protected] uses the #Neutralizer, and takes down @WWESheamus for the victory!! #RAW – WWE

Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater were in the ring and I immediately hit fast forward – it turns out that Jinder Mahal got a Raw contract and attacked the “No.1 Free Agent” Heath Slater here. This is bad news, I saw a lot of Jinder on WWE TV including WWE Superstars most weeks for what felt like years and he was awful.

Can @ILikeSamiZayn topple the @SummerSlam-bound @WWERollins? Find out LIVE NOW on #RAW on @USA_Network! – WWE

Seth Rollins Vs Sami Zayn

Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn had a really good match and were working well together – it was just a shame they didn’t have more time because Sami was beat without any near falls or kicking out of anything major to make him look like a serious main eventer, it came across as a bit of a warm up match for Seth which is a shame because I really like Sami and think this would be a good time to elevate him even if Seth won the match as he’s heading to SummerSlam to face Finn for the Universal Championship. I enjoyed the time they were in the ring though and look forward to them working with each other again in the future.

@BrockLesnar returns to #RAW tonight. See our epic battle at #ExtremeRules anytime, on-demand on @WWENetwork. – WWE

ATLANTA is #SuplexCity!!

@BrockLesnar and @HeymanHustle are here LIVE TONIGHT on @WWE #RAW on @USA_Network! – WWE

Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar Promo

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar came to the ring. Paul Heyman said that Brock Lesnar was all about violence and that Randy Orton wouldn’t be able to hit the RKO on Lesnar – The camera zoomed in at this point so that Orton could surprise RKO Lesnar “out of nowhere” to end Raw.

According to Paul @HeymanHustle, the voices in @RandyOrton’s head should be warning him about #SuplexCity! #RAW – WWE

#RKO OUTTA NOWHERE by @RandyOrton!!!

The BEAST @BrockLesnar is DOWN!! – WWE

#WelcomeToViperville! #RAW – WWE

It’s only week 2 and already they have someone from Smack Down “invading” Raw? I know the SummerSlam match between them was already booked and they needed to promote it so it is what is.

Overall this week’s Raw wasn’t as strong as last week’s, I felt they dropped the ball somewhat in different areas but they didn’t really book anything with the intent of a having a memorable match or segment, it was very much a throw-away average Raw to extend feuds without doing too much – they started a Roman / Rusev feud but I didn’t care about it. They went further with their “R-Truth is addicted to Pokemon” storyline but I didn’t care. They brought back Jinder Mahal and I’d rather they didn’t. I’d say the quality of Raw was very poor but not really due to the draft, it’s the writing / booking / decision making which was bad, not really a talent-only issue although that was an issue as well – Enzo coming down opposing Chris Jericho? Braun Strowman and Nia Jax enhancement matches? Jinder Mahal the big surprise signing? Mark Henry Vs Rusev? A lot of things about Raw are broken to be completely honest and it would take a new creative team to fix most of them.




WWE Smack Down

2 / August / 2016

“Are you PROUD of yourself?” – @ShaneMcMahon to @RandyOrton

#SDLive is LIVE NOW on @USA_Network! – WWE

Daniel Bryan startSmack Down by announcing a triple threat match between Kalisto, Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews to determine the #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

WWE World Champ @TheDeanAmbrose is ready to kick off the 885th edition of #SDLive NOW on @USA_Network!! – WWE

Dean Ambrose / Dolph Ziggler in-ring segment

Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose had a heated face to face confrontation in the ring. After Dean had left the ring, Bray Wyatt appeared and hit Ziggler with his Sister Abigail move before challenging him to a match for his WWE Championship match at SummerSlam.

“You’re gonna find out what your REAL problem is … You’re not as good as you THINK you are!” – Ambrose #SDLive – WWE

“I’m the guy that’s going to become Champion… because I am THAT DAMN GOOD!” – @HEELZiggler #SDLive – WWE

This was a good opening segment and I liked the exchange between Ambrose and Ziggler. Bray jumping Ziggler and possibly taking his Championship spot at SummerSlam if he beats him is interesting.

Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender Triple Threat: Apollo Crews defeated Baron Corbin and Kalisto.

Crew rolled up Kalisto to win the match and become the No.1 contender. After the match, Corbin attacked Kalisto. Crews tried to make the save, but The Miz jumped into the ring (he was at ringside doing commentary) and hit his Skull Crushing Finale on the new No.1 contender. Corbin caught The Miz with the End of Days….

A surprise roll-up, and @ApolloCrews is victorious!!

He’s @MikeTheMiz’s new #1Contender! #SDLive – WWE

The match itself was a fine for what it was, a short TV match and it didn’t have much time – Apollo will likely face The Miz at SummerSlam. I think The Miz makes the Intercontinental Championship completely worthless, it’s a joke belt right now. Putting the belt on Apollo would be a step in the right direction but I fear that Miz holding it has devalued it in a way that it’s never likely to recover from.

Becky Lynch Vs Eva Marie

Becky Lynch Vs Eva Marie didn’t actually start and ended in a no contest. Eva Marie suffered an injury to her quad after stepping down from the turnbuckles during her entrance, causing the referee to ask for trainers to escort her to the back.

Before the match even begins, has @NatalieEvaMarie suffered an injury? #SDLive @BeckyLynchWWE – WWE

This was a waste of time but I assume it’s to get Eva over as a sneaky heel who wants to avoid wrestling matches? It’s very strange.

Renee Young interviews Carmella but Natalya interrupts. I skipped this segment because Carmella’s character is way too annoying to watch. It’s half chav and half homeless dumb bimbo? Whatever it is I have to hit fast forward when she’s on. I saw her on Breaking Ground, the NXT show and she seems cool as a person, nothing like this annoying character she plays on TV.

American Alpha Vs The Vaudevillains.

American Alpha won their debut match on Smack Down with Grand Amplitude to Aidan English.

#AmercicanAlpha were #ReadyWillingAndGable to win in their debut match on #SDLive tonight! Congrats @JasonJordanJJ and @WWEGable! – WWE

Every time I see Jason Jordan and Chad Gable I become a bigger fan. They are really exceptionally good in the ring. Mauro Ranello said on commentary that they were influenced by The Rockers and The Steiner Brothers – great teams to be influenced by right there.

AJ Styles challenged John Cena to a match at SummerSlam. Cena accepted.

I only know this happened from the Wrestling News Group on Facebook because I skipped the whole segment. I’m not interested in ever watching another segment or match that features John Cena.

Randy Orton Vs Fandango

I skipped this match but I noticed Brock Lesnar appeared and hit an F5 on Orton as a receipt for the RKO on Raw.

TWO can play at this game… @BrockLesnar exacts revenge on @RandyOrton on #SDLive!

WWE SmackDown Live: Brock Lesnar Attacks Randy Orton – WWE

@RandyOrton has NO WORDS after being attacked by @BrockLesnar! #SDLive – WWE

Mick Foley and Shane McMahon questioned whether Dolph should put his Title match on the line with a match against Bray Wyatt. Dolph cut a good promo about wanting to show the fans and the GMs and current Champion Dean Ambrose that he deserves to be the No.1 contender….

“I’m going to PROVE THEM ALL WRONG tonight … MAKE THE MATCH!” – @HEELZiggler to @ShaneMcMahon #SDLive – WWE

“I see how it is. You two don’t believe in me either …. Screw You!” – @HEELZiggler to Daniel & Shane #SDLive – WWE

Dolph Ziggler Vs Bray Wyatt

A lot was on the line for this match as the winner would go on to SummerSlam as the No.1 Contender for the WWE Championship. I thought they had a really good match. Dolph Ziggler won with a Superkick. After the match Erik Rowen attacked Ziggler. Dean Ambrose came to the ring to even the odds against Ziggler but Wyatt and Rowan got the better of them and left them both laying as Smack Down went off the air.

#SDLive will have its FIRST exclusive PPV event on Sunday, September 11 with #WWEBacklash at 8e/5p on @WWENetwork! – WWE

Overall I thought this was a fair Smack Down – a few things, like the Orton / Fandango match, the Carmella and Natalya stuff as well as the Eva Marie / Becky Lynch segments weren’t needed and didn’t do anything positive for the quality of the show but the main story of Dolph wanting to prove his worth in the match against Bray Wyatt leading to his Championship match at SummerSlam was well done and they had a really good main event match in my opinion as well as a strong in-ring segment to start Smack Down with.

Smack Down was a much stronger show than Raw this week.


The Winner of week 2:   WWE Smack Down



Check out week 1 of WWE Raw Vs WWE Smack Down here:

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