WWE Raw Vs WWE Smack Down Week 5

WWE Raw Vs Smack Down

The New Era Week One: WWE Raw Vs WWE Smack Down
The New Era Week One: WWE Raw Vs WWE Smack Down

WWE Raw Vs WWE Smack Down Week 5

Here we are again with another week (last week) of WWE TV in the books, let’s look back at what WWE delivered on their main two shows.

WWE Raw 26 / August / 2016

Raw starts off with Finn Balor handing over the Universal Championship to Mick Foley and Stephanie due to an injury he suffered at SummerSlam. He came out with his arm in a sling and talked about achieving a dream by winning the belt and how he would return to reclaim it after his surgery – it was a mostly upbeat promo rather than a sad one but it must have been very difficult to do it.

Jericho, Kevin Owens, Enzo and Cass all come to the ring and say they want a chance to compete for the now vacant Universal Championship. Mick Foley says he will make matches to decide who gets to have a shot at the belt.

Seth Rollins Vs Sami Zayn.

Sami lands awkwardly when jumping over Seth and it looks like he may have legitimately broken his ankle or something. They have a good match around the injury and Seth wins the match with a Pedigree on an injured Sami.

Kevin Owens Vs Neville

Owens won the match with an Argentine Neckbreaker. The action was good, but they would have had a better match with more time.

I skip a New Day comedy in-ring segment and it looks like a Big E Vs Karl Anderson match maybe. Big E seems to win the match.

The Dudley Boys say thank you and goodbye to fans after having a year back in WWE.

Primo and Epico start cutting a promo on the Dudleys before Anderson and Gallows come to the ring and put the Dudleys through tables…..
Many fans were hoping that Bubba Ray would turn on D-Von during this goodbye segment, launching a singles career in the company.
I would have been happy with this or just the Dudleys saying goodbye but I didn’t like Epico & Primo being involved and Anderson & Gallows being involved in the segment – Anderson and Gallows just looked weak in a segment with The New Day and now the company were using The Dudleys to get some heat back? I just didn’t like it but if it leads to The Dudleys returning to get revenge on these teams then I guess there is a reason for it. If it doesn’t lead to anything, then I didn’t like it.

Titus O’Neal starts doing a promo in the ring and it’s bad…. I hit fast forward…. I see Bob Backland in the ring, I hit play…. Bob Backland puts Titus in the Chicken Wing Crossface, Titus breaks out of it and slams him….. I hit fast forward….

Rusev Vs Big Cass

Rusev has his ribs taped up due to something Roman did at SummerSlam (I skipped the match so I don’t know what happened). After a few minutes of nothing much happening, Rusev walks to the back, leaving Cass in the ring to win via count out.

New Women’s Champion Charlotte enters the ring with Dana to talk about her victory over Sasha the night before and reclaiming the Championship. Mick Foley comes to the ring and introduces Bayley to Raw. Bayley challenges Charlotte to a match for the Womens Championship. Charlotte instead says that she needs to face Dana to earn her shot at the gold.

Bayley Vs Dana

After a few minutes Bayley hits the Belly To Bayley Suplex and wins the match.

Braun Strowman beats up and pins a jobber who claims “I love big, sweaty men” before the match. Maybe this is WWE’s idea of having more gay characters on their shows?

Chris Jericho Vs Roman Reigns

I think they have a good match here which Roman wins with a Spear.

Next week Seth, Owens, Cass, and Reigns will fight over the Universal Championship.
Overall I thought it was another bad week of Raw.

I enjoyed the main event and I liked Seth Vs Sami even though the injury stopped that from being what it could have been but the rest of the show just didn’t interest me much.

WWE Smack Down August 23 2016

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan started Smack Down with the women and tag teams inside the ring with them to announce the new Womens Championship and the new Tag Team Championship.

The Women’s Champion will be decided by a Six Pack Challenge at Backlash and they will be starting a Tournament on Smack Down to decide the teams who will be competing for the new Tag Titles at Backlash.

Heath Slater came to the ring asking to be in the Tag Tournament if he finds a partner….

AJ Styles came to the ring to declare himself No.1 Contender for the World Championship as Dolph Ziggler failed to beat Dean Ambrose at SummerSlam but he was interrupted by Ziggler who brawled with Styles until they were separated.

Becky Lynch Vs Alexa Bliss

Naomi and Natalya were on commentary. Naomi has no personality at all.

I liked the work between Becky and Alexa but the match was quite short and Becky won with the Dis-Arm-Her…

The Usos Vs The Ascension.

This was a match in the Tag Team Championship Tournament

Jimmy Uso pinned Viktor after a Splash. The match was fairly short and the action was average.

Carmella attacked Nikki Bella…. I can’t stand either of these women, I skipped the segment.

Bray Wyatt interrupted a Randy Orton promo. Before they could come to blows the lights went out and Bray had disappeared when they returned.

American Alpha Vs Breezango

This was another match in the Tag Team Tournament

It was a quick match and American Alpha were thankfully the winners.

AJ Styles Vs Dolph Ziggler

These two had a really good match.
AJ Styles won with the Styles Clash.

Ambrose and AJ Styles had a stare down to end Smack Down.

Smack Down wasn’t especially good this week but I enjoyed it more than I did Raw.

The winner this week is WWE Smack Down

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